Exceptions in Do Not Disturb mode


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  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    I need this.

  • Matt Walk

    Good suggestion.

  • soulkeeper

    This would be awesome, I totally agree with you

  • scelli

    yes. this is it. I need this. why was this not already a thing?

  • Genosis

    I came looking just for this option, I guess it doesn't exist.

    I have this option on my iPhone so when someone messages me while I am at the movies or something (babysitter, etc) it could come right through as a priority message.

    Specifically for Discord though; I have it installed at work because it's easier than texting to stay in touch with my Wife throughout the day, however I don't want to get dozens of messages from the discord server I admin popping up while I work. 

    +1, please make this a feature!

  • Hurricane

    This, this is needed. I am in a fair few servers and and have a fair few friends, most of them I dont need to see the messages right away, especially when it pings my phone every few minutes. A Do Not Disturb exclusion list would be perfect, that way I can have certain servers/friends set as priority so I can set DnD and know that I will only get the messages I want to get.


    I know you can mute servers/friends, but its much easier to manage a DnD exclusion list than it is to remember what servers/friends you have muted.

  • GWolv

    On top of this, maybe another addition would be the option to have a server muted, unless a specific person sends a message in it. This would really help me out because I never know when some of my friends are online since they are on DnD mode 24/7.

  • dedose

    An addition to this would be that we can switch between modes. For instance if I'm playing a competitive match and I don't want any notifications at all, I can switch to a mode that has those settings. If I'm doing something less important, however, I can switch to a mode that allows for notifications only from specific people.

  • Ruptured

    yeah I want this also. Just be able to exclude one channel or one person would be nice.

    Like a focus mode. Keep DND the same so you can still ignore everything if you want but have a focus mode to block out the distractions when using discord for a specific purpose.

  • Necrogizer

    I need this in my life...

    Sometimes lot's of notifications from lot's of servers can get annoying so DND is a way out. But you might miss a notification you had to see. Being able to whitelist a user/channel/server would be AWESOME!

  • catalina

    Please please please!! I really want to be able to grant exceptions to my SO and my close friend while avoiding notifications from anything else. I'm sure I'm not the only one who primarily uses discord to communicate with my SO and not being able to get a hold of him because he is on DND or him not being able to get through to me if there were to be an emergency or something urgent sucks!

  • coldwhispers

    do discord even read these feedbacks? its been a year since it has been requested
    i don't think they have even glanced at this

  • Caaaaarrrrlll

    This would be a great feature.

  • Anh

    It's been 2 years....

    This isn't even hard to implement

  • lupleime

    yes we need this

  • ccmucks

    please add this

  • asian_joe_biden

    Yas plz make this a thing

  • popethedestroyer

    Its been almost three years..

    came here looking for that option but i guess that option doesn't exist. Discord we need this option.

  • Cirmah

    Discord please add this! As of almost three years later, we are still wanting this!

  • Melissa20XX

    Yeah, this is something I find myself wishing for all the time. I use discord for almost all my communication, and it's irritating that there's no middle ground between getting constantly pinged, and shunning everybody

  • Jimgame75

    2 years have already passed. Is there even hope anymore :(

  • 🌈🍄

    It's been too long-- I hope this gets added eventually 🙃✨✨✨✨

  • Doxx


  • laptopboii

    Yes please. I would love this option added to the app

  • Diane Nox

    It took on even more meaning with the pandemic. My project team is also coordinating over Discord, but I am in DND 24/7 - and when I'm in DND, I will not see anything. Including relevant project messages. So yeah... Being able to say that I do want to get those message even if I am, say, in the middle of a competitive match xD that would be awesome!

  • lovecore

    need this so bad!!! im always on dnd, but i do want messages to come through from a couple friends. its been three years, please add this, it would not be hard to implement at all seeing as there are similar options for just servers (muting completely, only mentions, all messages, muting certain channels, etc etc)

  • Kiritiop_penguin

    Its really been so long and still added yet? Its do useful when I need to notify a friend ASAP of something important, but they are always on DND they only see it after like 2hours it would be so good if finally we could have this feature.

  • resultsdaykilledme

    we need this asap

  • (Leonardo)

    YES YES YES!! it's been 3 years discord come on

  • Fried_Potato

    You know how many Zooms I could of Not missed out on.


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