Exceptions in Do Not Disturb mode


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  • calmzz


    It will definitely be helpful.

  • Proxus

    This option is already available on many other chat clients and available on most phones when dealing with normal contacts. Please add a Do Not Disturb bypass to Discord!

  • Z41N


  • Tqhseen

    Cmon Discord, 3 yrs!?!?

  • Lopson

    I have friends who I can only reach out to via Discord, and some of these friends will inevitably face mental health crises and may end up needing my help to get through them. Not having this functionality in Discord means that I have to either choose to make myself vulnerable to all notifications during my sleep for their sake or block said notifications and ignore my friends.

    Please add this functionality.

  • notwaffle

    I think this feature may be way more useful than Discord realizes and that is why it has not been added. An example that would help me a lot with this feature is with the fact that I use Discord as my main form of comminutions with my friends and a social place with others, though Discord can be hectic and DnD is very useful. What is NOT useful is when I am in need of going on DnD to escape abit from the notifications and other distractions BUT ABSOLUTLY NEED to still be available to my closest friend for their wellbeing. With DnD, I cut them off and will not be open for that one person meaning I am never able to use DnD and just have to deal with all the other shit.

  • Zane

    +1, this would help me prioritize which messages are urgent and which ones can be handled tomorrow. A "Bypass Do Not Disturb" switch for each chat would be enough to solve my issue.

  • Doc

    Upvoting and commenting to hopefully bring more attention to this; As others have said already there are people who I'd like to still get notifications from on dnd while server pings and dms from everyone else behave as they normally would. In fact I'd love a sort of whitelist or priority list feature in where I can add users who's messages will always notify me regardless of my notification settings; Significant other, close friends, bots that dm reminders, people I'm working on projects with, what have you.


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