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  • Mal

    please make this man stop moving my channels around

    thanks in advanced

  • Adrien David

    I was about to mention that I run into the same issue myself.

    It's uncertain how it happens exactly (whether it comes from people logged in on Mobiles, or people moving channels when they can't see all of them) but it does create a lot of chaos.

    To add to the post above, on top of allowing/disallowing people from moving channels, being able to automatically order them in alphabetical order would be great.

    Ideally differentiating categories and channels. So that channels can be ordered alphabetically in a category but categories be  manually ordered.

  • Rogue_Phantom_Reaper

    thank you i was trying to find a way to move channels from category to category and you answered my question on accident XD but this is a good idea ill up-vote it.

  • Tagalong

    I do not have fine-motor difficulties but I do have a sometimes-glitchy keypad and clicker. I find myself dragging channels around occasionally too. It would be very helpful to be able to 'lock' channels so that it doesn't happen unless I'm trying to.

  • Waddler13

    I don't even have a motor condition. I just wind up dragging all the time. It's inconvenient and annoying and should really need a confirmation button. 

  • Mei

    +1 from me. I am constantly dragging around channels accidentally. 

  • Noise

    This is the single most annoying thing about Discord.

    If you don't have your mouse perfectly still when you click, channels move - basically randomly - to a different position.

    This is AWFUL user interface design.

    The "move channel" option should either be an absolute lock that can be unlocked only by positive choice, or put on a time delay that only kicks in after a couple of seconds of a click-and-hold.


  • Mint

    I actually almost wrote this suggestion myself, lol. Here's my now discarded op post:

    I'd like a button on servers you have manage channels permissions that toggles being able to drag to rearrange the channels. It's easy to accidentally rearrange channels when you're just switching the channel you're in, and rearranging channels is a pretty rare occurrence anyways. Obviously people who don't like having it locked can just leave it unlocked!

  • DerKleineFuchs

    This feature is a must have, IMO. Once you get the channels sorted out in a server there is very little reason to move them. A simple checkbox in the server settings would suffice. 

  • Izzy

    Good idea.

  • ~~**—Angel—**~~

    I agree!!

  • Cambor

    I have no motor control issues and my mouse and such are totally fine, but I still find myself constantly moving servers or even channels around by complete accident. PLEASE put a lock toggle on the server list!

  • a10

    I'm surprised this suggestion only has 50 upvotes. Definitely the most annoying thing about Discord for me.

  • Acidic

    I really like being able to move channels around quickly in categories, but I do agree that there needs to be a way to lock a category in its current place. Once you've got your channels sorted correctly into categories, and within their categories, the only movement that tends to happen is accidental. Sometimes these movements aren't even noticed by the admin that did them.

    Once you've got your channels sorted, I'd like to be able to have a way to either lock all channel positions, or lock a particular category, from being moved until unlocked again.

  • mochi

    I've had this problem for a while in the servers I'm a mod in, it's frustrating enough that last night after doing it again I finally tweeted discord about it, (after looking to see if anything was being done in the way of making this happen already of course) and I just want to reiterate that this is a really important user experience problem for people with these permissions and makes it difficult to just be a user in your own server without mistakenly reshuffling things when you're hopping from text channel to text channel, a lock button would go a long way in alleviating that frustration, as like people before me have said, once your channel order and categories are set up, you really don't need to move them around that frequently and having a lock button wouldn't hinder people who do bc they could just leave it unlocked.

  • Lukariatias

    Especially in servers with large user numbers, of which many, staff in this circumstance, are capable of moving channels around, proves to lessen the overall experience of the discord. Myself and my contemporaries are having to constantly fix and readjust accidental changes, and moved channels, proving frustrating overall.

    Something akin to a "lock" function, where the "lock" button can be ticked on and off to allow the channel to be moved, or to prohibit its movement.

  • Jinzo

    I want to add my name to this. I am a mod for 3 communities and one of them is a Discord Partner. I find myself on occasion accidently dragging channels I don't want to be seen by others in places. Please help those with fine motor controls. Those with Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia(myself) would love you.


    I too want this to be a feature!
    My channels constantly move around on their own it seems and its always the same 4 channels and no one has permission to do so but me. Always notice they are moved when i log off and log back on.. its so annoying

  • SpicyCinnamonRoll

    To be honest it's appalling to me that this hasn't been implemented after a year or so of being a desired feature. As mentioned in the original topic its an accessibility issue, but its also just a simple quality of life issue. It would be extremely easy to implement as a single toggle in the server drop-down menu, and would make life so much easier for people with fine motor skill issues, or people with bad trackpads, or whatever. Please implement some way of doing this soon it confuses my users and a lot of us are tired of this happening.

  • Aurelian Spodarec

    I hope they do it! It's not hard to code it up! 

  • MrShiShi

    As someone with a family history of very shaky hands, this would help out a ton. The amount of times I drag a text chat in place (or move it on accident) as a server owner or hold a server icon for a millisecond too long and need to wait for the server to become clickable again is in the dozens and frankly the former issue has made my experience as a discord user so much worse since becoming a server owner.

  • Zhukar

    Any chance on this happening? Know this is an old thread but Google brought me here, easily my #1 frustration with Discord on a day to day basis. Ideally it would apply to your main chat sidebar too.

  • cj

    Our administrators constantly move channels around unintentionally. It's not due to any impairments (that I know of), we just have a large team. I don't want to prevent them from moving channels around at all, but it would be great if we could lock channels in place when we do not intend to make edits.

  • Damaged

    Bump, but also add it for the server list. I'm utterly sick of accidentally dragging servers out of folders. Not all of us have perfect muscle control, Discord!

  • Odysseus

    +1 on this.

    This is highly annoying and unnecessary.

    A simple toggle to turn moving channels on or off, would be great

  • Alvaus

    oh god please

    Servers constantly get accidentally dragged around, new folders created and then i have to drag them out separately. It's honestly way more of a hassle than an actual useful feature.

    It is both frustrating and infuriating. please give us the option to toggle it off

  • Cindecent

    I'm a moderator on a server with ~7,000 users and for some reason, my computer occasionally interprets a short click as a long one causing me to accidentally drag chats (moving them). Having a lock feature would be super handy to stop this. It's always super embarrassing to have to explain that somehow I accidentally moved a chat into an area that it isn't supposed to be and multiple users make comments about it.

  • Poobslag

    There's a dozen ways this could be fixed, but it needs to be fixed. Channels could be lockable, or the 'move channels' functionality could be implemented with smaller handles, or through the 'Edit Channel' menu, or maybe with a 'Move Channel' menu in the dropdown.

    The current design is insane. There is a 3-pixel wide invisible scrollbar beside your server's channels. If you click it successfully, you get to use discord today. If you miss, you have to announce to everyone that something moved, so they can help you find it. I guess it is a good community building exercise, but maybe not the best UX.

  • Larson

    + 1 or is this +27

    come on discords, make this happen

  • David Orson

    There is no such problem on mobile, this toggle should be a thing on desktop.


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