Play next via Spotify from Discord


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  • Jevido

    Yo, i honestly can't read non-english reactions, but i assume you can't either. So please forgive me if i give an answer that's already been given

    Most keyboards already have pause/skip/play buttons, but if you don't have one and don't want to purchase one.
    You could also set up hotkeys for this. If you are using windows, i assume you could try out:

    Once you have it installed it, you only have to add a script like the following:

    This will assign the following shortcuts:

    Alt + → (right arrow) to skip to the next song
    Alt + ← (left arrow) to go to the previous song
    Alt + ↓ (down arrow) to play/pause the currently playing song
    Of course, you can modify the script to fit your key preferences. More info about that in AutoKotkey docs.

    The benefits of this is that it will work with other media playing programs, such as VLC or Windows Media Player, because they trigger the OS's media keys.


    If you're on mac, i'll try to help ya out a bit more. But for now, i hope this is enough :)

  • Blastoise186
    Spotify no longer has the Local Spotify API and this might make it very difficult to implement such a feature. You might find it easier to use any existing media controls on your keyboard.

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