Two Functions: Reply Function & Last-DM Function


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  • LeftbluMusic

    I'm going to upvote for Reply function. Would have written down a separate post but lets avoid spam.

    I really want reply thing too.

  • jules

    I totally agree. I have just moved from Slack and this is the only thing I miss.

  • Ho-Factor

    Yeah, this definitely needs to be a feature, for sure. 

  • Vlad

    Reply option is really the only thing I miss in discord. It’s very hard to continue and follow conversations without this feature.

  • Panzer1119

    Some may say the @-mention is enough, but I sometimes encounter situations, where someone asks me 2 things (so 2 messages), but I want to answer "yes" to one question and "no" to the other.

    So it's just easier and prevents misunderstandings, when you have a reply feature like WhatsApp does have it.

  • Novbert (GMT+2)

    Quoting is a must have for the reply part.

    This easily became my most used feature on - even in one-on-one conversations. Discord could just copy that implementation. 

  • Tzer

    Just want to echo that this feature greatly increases the user experience. You can find them in major messaging platforms, with Messenger recently supporting it.

  • Mark0l

    It happens to me so often that I want to reply to something but there are so many new messages it wouldn't make sense even with mentions. I suggest to add "reply to <user> posted on <DD:MM> at <HH>" tag to message and if you hover over it, it shows the quoted message. It is so annoying we can't reply. Also Messenger has great implementation

  • bigbandpro69

    Very very good idea to raise overall quality of discussion.

  • Dzeno

    @Andrei Florin it is not. What is implemented is just a specific type of markdown, which is no different from bold or italic text in its functionality.

    Please read the first post again.

    You can also read my post here, which should clarify and show that it has not been implemented yet.

  • Auren_Stark

    Hm, a feature like this could proof useful. Not just for avoiding to derail an ongoing conversation, but also to keep a much better overview both for the people replying like that and the people receiving replies like that. Definitely something I'd use =D

  • Deppresso

    Great suggestion :)

  • King Scoops

    It would be great to see this feature in a future update!

  • jspp

    I can just agree.
    By adding more structure to a conversation, while removing ambiguity, it greatly enhances the user experience.

    It is also a feature, which is supported by most messaging platforms.
    Just for reference: from the platforms I use, the following support direct reply:
    - Signal
    - Telegram
    - WhatsApp
    The following don't:
    - Discord

  • jspp

    (regarding )
    @Togusa Yup. What is asked for with this suggestion is an option to reply to a message (not just a person).
    This way you can clearly see what a new message is referring to, which helps in very active channels, with multiple conversations at the same time, a lot. It also helps, if you're referring to a very old message. Additionally you can click on the quoted message (the one someone is replying to) and the chat application shows you the original message the person is replying to.

    Here's an example of what that looks like in Telegram:

  • ZeroCC

    quoting a message would also help?

    can a hotkey for it be double tab the name? writing '@parti'-tab would fill name, then it would show recent message (or at least the last message) and another tab to select which message to reply to.

  • MagicMike

    any progress? Really liked it in via Slack, WhatsApp, and now, Facebook messenger 


  • Brisko

    Fact that this is missing is crazy. It's a standard feature in basically every single messaging app now. Especially ones as robust as Discord.  Very confusing and cumbersome to have large groups and keep conversations straight.

  • igsag

    Reply feature would be great. It will give easy access to original message and better understanding of dialogue. (Just make like in a Telegram, it is too good) It will be great to use “swipe to answer” or “tap and hold” context menus at least. I hope it is really possible in Discord, thanks for awesome app. Wish it will become even better

  • landscape (abandoned)(Sews 8397)

    it doesn't sound hard to implement. it'd prolly just have to use message ids. please discord <3<3


  • Dzeno

    This is I think the one main feature I'm missing in discord. Especially when planning something or working on some hobby projects with friends. I've been a telegram user for years and they have had it for years. For simple or one-time things I still use telegram since in those situations telegram is more organized and useful then discord. Specifically being able to reply to a message at the beginning of a conversation after people had a 50+ message conversation and you weren't there to reply what someone asked at the beginning (also there poll and list bots with easy implementation are useful but that's a platform difference).

    I really wish this was implemented as I see it happen all the time that some person asks question X to a few people and then a whole other conversation is held in which the questioner is involved. Good luck figuring out what is being replied to, especially if multiple questions are asked.

  • Psymon²

    !? how long as this "quote" been around for?
    it's halfway to what I'm ideally after.
    Dzeno's post covers the other aspects in good detail.

  • Natalia

    Hello! Any news about the reply boton? Please please! We need it! I am in a virtual class and people answer stuff to we don't know what.... It is a mess.... how are u doing to find the messages they are replying to? Thanks!!

  • Blastoise186
    This kind of thing would be pretty cool, I sometimes forget who I'm replying to, or what it was about.
  • Togusa

    So is this something beyond just using @ (username) to note the person you're replying to?


  • Sews

    I was just about to post this same thing. I really hope they add this. It was recently added to Messenger, and it is extremely helpful.

  • eliasmendes_

    why so much time in a simple function?


  • Andrei Florin

    Team discord, when is this going to be available? It is a needed feature.

  • Djomoloco89

    I really miss reply option. :(

  • Del Debbio

    This is a very important feature.


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