Make Discord message links of embeds not open a new tab


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  • BilliAlpha

    I believe this 2 year old feature proposal should definitely be implemented. It would allow much more powerful bots!

  • DragonDePlatino

    Please fix this, it's extremely useful for things like starboards where you want to click the title to jump to that message. Right now, the only workaround is to tack the link onto the embed's description which takes up more vertical space.

  • lugia19

    I can't believe this is still an issue, you'd think it'd be an easy fix. It would be extremely helpful to have this.

  • PiggyPlex

    Security vulnerabilities? It's just simply something that's not that high on their priorities list: the feature works, despite its flaws. Whilst it would be nice to be fixed, it would require quite a bit of time for something that most people wouldn't use anyway (i.e. the majority using the native application or phone app).

  • lugia19

    ...What? It would take pretty much no work - it works perfectly if you add a new field to an embed, it just doesn't work for titles/author names for some reason.

    And the problem is present in the native desktop client as well.


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