More payment methods for Nitro


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  • Ramin

    Use COIN PAYMENT !!!

    it support almost ALL popular Coins and you Get rid of value changes

  • Valhallan

    Chiming in to support this from Argentina. Regional Pricing is a must for us to even consider subscribing to Nitro o even buying games from the store. Valve and Blizzard already proved it's a good idea that you guys should implement.

  • elang

    I agree as well! Getting Nitro by SMS please.

  • Florian

    Dabbit Prime just merged literally every thread about payment methods into this one. However his "merging" process does not include my original post which had many points in detail, therefore and because some of the points/explanations I made are missing in this post, I am reposting my original post about payment methods as comment into this.


    Some regions like for example the DACH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) got a much smaller credit card distribution, therefore they can't buy discord nitro or something from the discord store. 

    It would be nice to see some other payment methods like:

    • Klarna SOFORT > Supports direct payments from almost every bank in austria/germany
    • Paypal Wallet > Supporting direct wallet payments from paypal is a quick and easy way to benefit of paypal's already existing integrations for many banks
    • SEPA direct debit > Is supported by every bank in europe
    • Paysafecard > Can be bought at almost every gas station or store, so everyone could get one and pay with it, even tho I would not suggest to only use this one due to some "less good" business practises
    • Amazon pay > Pay using your amazon account and the linked payment methods, for example the epic store provides this.

    I've noticed in previous discussions that many people from outside don't know much about the cards here, so I'll do a quick explanation. Yes, we (in austria/germany) also have cards, but not common ones. We mostly have maestro- and "girocards" which both have almost no support. That's why we for example rely on solutions like Klarna SOFORT.

    Edit: Some people on the discord-feedback server told me that you use/used stripe, so I think it's worth to mention that they supports many of the payment methods above. With their entire set you'll probably cover almost everyone.

  • Akainu Almirante De Flota

    I'm agree!!!

  • BlitzTaker

    I love nitro, I was gifted this winter and I found many cool games. I dont have access a CC and I mostly use Paysafe for steam games and stuff. I would really want to add paysafe as a payment option.

  • The Meme Lord

    Sounds like its a YOU problem

  • ImRock

    Certain debit cards such as VISA work with discord despite it not being a credit card.

  • Frosty
    Supporting other currencies... sounds nice
  • Qlimax

    I agree. I never had Discord Nitro but i would love to have it. And i'm 100% sure that thousands of other people feel the same way. It would be really nice if they supported more payment methods. Like you just mentioned. I really hope they will add more payment methods later.

  • dariusworks

    Google Play and other mobile payment option could also be used...

  • Hurtz

    Amazon gift cards may be slightly difficult since it involves a third party, but PayPal (and other online wallets) should definitely be an option. 

    ...Though admittedly, for Amazon gift cards, I reckon Discord might just be able to sell Nitro codes on Amazon. 

    But yes. More payment options means more payments done, means more Nitro, means better Discord support.

  • Hurtz

    The problem with this is that there's only two possibilities: either Discord controls it as a ratio of the dev's USD price, which is a big no. Or the devs control it, and since it's mostly indie games which need the revenue more than the distribution (because unlike AAA titles, which always sell a lot, indie titles aren't guaranteed to recoup their budget, which means it's more likely than not that the price will not really change and will just be the USD equivalent in other currencies.  

    And assuming that devs DO put a lower price in other currencies, it opens up a rather difficult problem to solve: how do you prevent people from buying games in weaker currencies so that they get games for cheaper? Devs deserve the money.

  • johntrine

    woah. i stopped checking this out after a week and so and there are so many comments already. happy to see a conversation already happening. btw, while i am not knowledgeable at how this completely work, selling a digital copy of a game is not as simple as looking at it's cost in USD and converting it in some other currency like INR. "IF" i'm not wrong, it also depends upon tax rates regarding that. it is one of the reason why games on steam sold in Russia are most cheapest followed by India. i could be wrong and if so, pls do correct me as knowledge is power and i would not mind being corrected. i also hope that someone at discord did see this. since there is no feature that lets you know if people at discord have viewed your suggestion except of when they answer it directly, i was worried that this suggestion was going to be buried in the slew of other suggestion. that's to all for keeping this relevant,

  • Ult

    Bitcoin as a payment option would be nice, bonus points if you accept payments through the Lightning Network.

    Coingate is a payment processor that could be implemented if Discord Devs don't want to maintain their own node.

  • Dora

    Yeah, I agree.

  • pvpunikalnypvp

    This good idea because i don't have credit card but i have a paysafecard 

    Add more payment options for example paysafecard 

  • Florin9895

    Me, I want Paysafecard because I don`t have a card credit :) Paysafecard is more easy here in Europe and you can pay monthly as well :) to buy Nitro :D

  • JarnoZZ

    yes please

  • KoroFX

    And Sofort / Banküberweisung for us many German Discord users.

  • Dora

    I agree, good idea.

  • Doggo

    i am pretty sure that all of those are already included into paypal since you can add your credit cards and debit cards there

  • Extasio

    i wan't pay with paysafe card please !!! :)

  • popeeyy

    I would like to see PayPal balance added as I have a ton of it, although no credit card or bank account I would like to use for Nitro.

  • Doggo

    the reason they don't have paypal or anything related to it, is because of the charback issue, it is too easy to charge back on paypal

  • Doggo


  • Doggo

    I think this would be good, but maybe it should be like an ecard or something that way you can buy it online and it sends it via email

  • RAiU

    I really want to see AmazonPay's payment method to be happening soon.

  • ks

    we have
    1. Debit card
    2. Credit Card
    3. PayPal
    as payment methods, all banks i ever saw allow debit cards for people as young as 13, aka minimal discord age. imho there is no need for more payment methods

  • zt



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