Chat Color overide options on client side including user name's color for any discord server


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  • Rana

    Aren't the colors on names enough ? I would like to see colored text for readability or formatting like how the colored syntax in some codes quotes, but not based on role color.

  • Orno

    I myself can not see certain shades of red, and also have a light sensitivity so I use the dark mode 100%. The problem is that with combination, I literally can not see certain names either in the member list on the right nor in chat.

    Rather than asking the admin for every server I join to adjust their role color schemes (some are accommodating, others are either indifferent or just plain rude about it), the easiest universal solution would be to allow certain colors to be remapped/excluded per client settings, just like many games have already done.

    The fact that such simple things have existing in the wild for years, yet have not made their way into discord despite repeated requests, makes on wonder if discord devs themselves are indifferent or privately rude about such things.


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