Multiple Voice Regions


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  • wAffles
    this might be better as a partner perk so we don't break discord
  • TimThe
    this is something that would be nice but i think this is currently something that's not possible with how the voice regions work
  • Alexandra ×

    This is not possible currently due to how it all works. And I doubt they overthrow the whole system just because someone thinks they should make every single user happy.

  • Archi
    Really important to have
  • Sagenod

    Latency issues have been becoming more and more prevalent in the recent past with Discord. This is very much a present problem for multi national discord organizations. Local members from one area of the world are often forced to connect through a server on the opposite side of the world presenting significant delays if they wish to remain on their community ity server.  Having the ability for varying specified voice channels to connect through local servers would indeed be a huge perk to have in Discord, certainly one worth paying for in the scope of being a partnered perk.


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