A way to reset all nicknames in a server at once.


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  • wAffles
    this would not be easy on discord's servers with so many requests at once. It's a decent idea but wouldn't work technically
  • Jammers Hammers

    That makes sense.

  • ShuriZma

    They could make it async (not all at once). it would reduce the 'spam' (plus maybe also a cooldown like eg once per day or sth like that)


  • VᴀɴVᴀʟᴅᴇɴʙᴜʀɢ

    Discord is so bad in most regards. I have no clue how this can't be a standard tool.

    Anyone saying it's too much load on their server isn't aware of workarounds for this. They literally track millions of people games they play, they should be able to change nicknames.

  • Arniox

    You can do this very easily with a bot (discord.js).

    Make a command and go:

    message.guild.members.cache.filter(i +> !i.user.bot).map((value, key) => {

    value.setNickname(value.user.username, 'Reset user nickname');


    And you're done.

  • pho man

    i need help with 

    delete all nicknames


  • Ozoraa

    pho man

    contact me Ozoraa#9005


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