Discord Wallet


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  • Edvin

    A wild request but, If they add something like this maybe they can add gift card codes in the store. Like Amazon 5 dollar, Steam 10 dollars etc. And we could gift each other money to buy cards or games.

  • Esteys

    i agree and also add paysafecard as a way to add money to your wallet.


  • Xillal

    Realy good idea !

  • Hurtz

    To be honest, do we really need that kind of bloat? What purpose would it serve other than to lock down money into the system? 

    If you want to gift a friend money for them to choose a game to buy from, there's already prepaid credit cards for that kind of stuff. Y'know, the all-rounder general gift card option?

  • cyber Afnan

    How can I put all Coin to wallet

  • Amin esmaeili

    Great idea and good future.


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