Mention role but only those who are online


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  • tigattack

    Note to Discord admins: I saw a similar suggestion closed as a duplicate of

    This isn't the same thing. That suggestion was for controlling who can use role mentions, this is for controlling who is mentioned by role mentions.

  • epic

    I was just about to post this suggestion. It would definitely be very useful!

  • B0undarybreaker

    Maybe formatting it as something like this would work?:

    @Role Name#here
  • Aracione

    An @online would be so nice. Though I'm an idiot and didn't know there was an @here before I commented.

  • Jоsh

    Hello there!

    I don't think this feature would be necessary. You could make a channel which only people with a certain role can see, and you ping "@here" inside this channel. That would basically do the same thing, except for people with Administrator permission that shouldn't get pinged for that, as they can see every channel.


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