size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)


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  • PixeL

    Please. At least make it configurable.
    This new size is unnecessarily big.
    The other size was perfect.

  • criptixo

    this new size looks horrible.

  • ominouscry

    I wish you'd at least make it configurable cause that looks way too unnatural and unnecessarily big.


    [EDIT] Thanks for adding a font scaling setting, really appreciate it!

  • Xia

    I strongly dislike everything about this upsize. The other one was absolutely perfect. Atleast give us an option to switch between the sizes, if you'd prefer to keep both.

  • antonio32a

    I agree with PixeL.

  • Kohai~

    it hurts my eyes

  • Thrasilias

    The old one was way better in my opinion, hope this gets removed

  • Gl_tch Cat

    Hello Jake, it's been awhile.
    I had hoped I would not have to be back here again, but alas, here we are.

    Do you recall what I mentioned the first time I had to respond to an update?
    If I remember correctly, it was something along the lines of,

    Give the people a choice, dear friend.

    I've seen that this decision was unanimously agreed upon by the devs.
    I hope this thread has brought to light the unanimous dislike of the change.

    You have a group of bright individuals, Jake.
    They should know better. You should know better.

    Do better.
    I hope I don't have to come back on here again, Jake. This is the second time.

    Have a pleasant evening.

  • That1RΛZΞRboi


  • Ohno

    Yeah the old size was perfect and didn't need a change imo

  • LegitBananaMan

    Old size was much better, this looks inhuman

  • Despacito Cube

    Ewwwwwwwwww awful we need old size back

  • criptixo

    i agree with Xia the old size was perfect.

  • Hydtama㊙

    Please revert to the previous font size. It's too big..

  • Mr. Black

    I think the change isn't quite unnecesary but it was not implemented properly. In my opinion it should be an option so users with a poor vision can enable it and let the rest of us with the smaller avatar and name size.

  • MinYoongi

    There is literally no reason to increase size of the names and icons when Smart phones/tablets from LG, Apple, Samsung, and other phone brands, have many options to zoom in on everything for those who has vision problems in accessibility settings.

  • uwu wiggles tail

    This size makes me wanna neck rope. Please change it back. I agree with everyone saying the size should be configurable just like on PC.
    (Save a life :pepeHands:)

  • Subbed

    I can generally get used to smaller and smaller font, but not bigger. This change is really not appreciated and I sincerely ask for a way to revert back to the previous font size.

  • Mango

    Having a curved screen (Galaxy S8) some timestamps are shoved off onto the edge of my curve

  • Anthony

    I'm not the only person that thinks the font should change. I think the font should be determined by the device's set font size or maybe a configurable in-app slider. Not this. This just looks visually bad.

  • Incineroar

    I like having small fonts for everything so having suddenly larger elements makes it really stand out in an awkward way. I'd really like to have that changed back.

  • SirDoz

    The increase of size of avatars and username makes my small display crowded.

  • No_U

    this looks horrible please bring back old size

  • paranoidvoid

    I have a mental disorder that can already make reading a challenge. Having to transition between two different font sizes immediately short circuits my brain and I have immense difficulty following conversations on discord now. I know it wasn't intentional, but I don't believe this update is at all friendly to neurodivergent folk.

  • Defracted

    Please, roll back or let us configure it

  • andreacsenge

    Agreed. They're especially weird on phones with big screens, like mine. I imagine they maybe aren't as bad on smaller phones, but for me the names appear ridiculously big.

  • WhateverTrash

    Right with you there. Discord looks really clunky and a lot less sleek now. Especially with the nickname size change, you can add even FEWER characters to your nicknames before it gets to be cut off. (Press F for all long joke names who are affected by this.) The time stamp has to be moved as well because of this change, and for me, it's extremely awkward when it looks like it's barely in the screen.

    My brain doesn't register this size of text very well, I have no idea why, but it makes things harder to read for me, and I'll be able to get through less messages in more time because I'll have to reread so many things.

    It would be nice if it was was a toggle. Small, default, and large text options for people who want it (or extra large, for those that still have trouble reading this size!) Or maybe a slider, where you can press "reset" for it to go back to default? I feel like there's options so people can get the both of both worlds bit. Christ this change is terrible when you don't have a choice!

  • ToddTheSquid

    I accidentally emailed them about this before realizing this thread existed. Whoops. Upvoted.

    This seriously rustles my jimmies, and triggers my OCD. I actually want to vomit (but that may just be pneumonia). It hurts my eyes to look at and I really don't need my eyes to hurt both from discord (which is my entire life while I have pneumonia) and from the pneumonia itself. Thanks for making my sick days just a *little* bit worse fellas.

  • TheRoundCube

    Better yet, allow us to choose between sizes

  • Nitrous

    The new size makes small displays look even smaller. Please turn it back.


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