Larger Username Character Limit


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  • The Meme Lord


  • Hurtz

    That'd present a massive usability problem. If you need more than 32 characters for your username, you should REALLY rethink your username. Hell, personally, I think it's already a bit too large. 

    But yeah. At 32 characters, your username is already most likely a lot longer than most of the messages you'd post on Discord.

  • Yeah, I like the idea, but I'm against the nitro boosting. I'm a free user and I don't want to pay 2.99 per month just for an increased character limit

  • Lööps

    It would be nice for nation rp

  • PeterBoyMC

    wish this was a thing. All the bots in my server have nicknames showing their prefix, help command, invite command/dashboard link. There are always bots who can't fit. Such as "InviteLogger - i/help -" (39 characters)


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