Accessibility / Named Buttons



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  • kittybot

    I support this!  Discord has gone without accessibility options for far too long.

  • Kaykao

    Labeling buttons clearly is web accessibility 101. This is an easy step that would be a great first stone to place on the road to a more accessible Discord. Here's hoping this suggestion is heard and listened to!

  • Kaen

    Absolutely support this! With how big Discord is, I am surprised they don’t have accessibility options like this already.

  • Orvan Taurus

    Is excellent idea. The lack of something as simple as named buttons is naught but poor design.

  • Cassio

    This seems so elementary as part of design that I was shocked to hear it's not implemented here. Please don't continue to shut  visually-impaired people out of a community building platform as effective and popular as Discord.


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