Follow users and games for a more curated Activity section


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  • wAffles
    I dont know how this could possibly be utilized in a useful way
  • Darth
    Seems kind of un-necessary, what would it offer?
  • Lucidarior

    Probably they couldn't see in which groups you're in and new pm's wouldn't get this user appear at the top of the friendslist if he/she is just a subscribed or followed user, but not added to someone's friendlist?

    So the benefits could be useful in that case, also possibly adding a checkbox, which types should send notifications, e.g. if that user joins a new server, is online or pins new posts, adds new friends or created new servers, etc.?

  • bastet_of_orion
    I think blocked users ought to be preemptively prohibited from following users' activity.
  • nextworldover

    I'm in a number of large, active servers where I'm only friends with a few of the people there, and the option to get notifications when specific friends are posting in a channel and not when just anyone is posting there would be really useful to me.

    There are too many channels that are too busy for me to keep up with 100%, and the ability to find the parts most relevant to me would significantly improve my Discord experience. Ideally I would want to be able to have the channel only flag as unread when certain people post there - an unread flag would be a good signal that there's something there I'd be interested to read and participate in.

  • Danielzambran33

    eah that is a good idea



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