Time/Schedule based Notifications (Server Notifications)


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  • ShiaLaBaggins

    Client side only snooze notifications would be awesome. Sometimes a server is popping and I'm getting every notification when I don't want them. Sometimes I just want a server muted for just an hour. Was even thinking of creating an Android app just for this

  • SLow 🇸🇬 (GMT +8)

    Useful when u wanna mute while sleeping

  • kaosaxis

    Yessssss this would be awesome!!!

  • Erunaraina

    I'd at least like to see the ability to set a schedule to enable/disable a server's Mute All function.  For example, I'd like to mute my gaming specific servers during work hours.

  • Poldet

    This is very useful when you have gaming servers and working servers, which schedule is quite stable.

  • Rabbi_Perfected

    Yes, this is exactly the feature we need. I’d love to be able to have it automatically turn off notifications while I’m sleeping, on a schedule I set.

  • Psi

    There are actually multiple feedback with this same recommendation.

    The settings menu should have a Do Not Disturb / notifications scheduler, where you can have a global schedule, and then also override it per server!


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