Make function to move user in specific text channel, please


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  • Gear

    This can't be forced, but you can allow them to click a link to said text channel, which will move them to it.

    As an example, I use the discord.js API to interact with Discord via bots. I could use the function to send a message to a channel, and include a link to the channel.

    message.reply("Please visit the general chat located at " + message.guild.channels.find("name", "general") + "!");

    The user can then click on the link to "#general" and have their channel switched there.


    There's also another option, which is using a role that will remove access to all channels except the one you want to move them to, and then removing that role giving them access to all channels again. This is not recommended, purely for the fact that rapid role changes are able to cause bugs on the client's end.

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  • thetechguy
    this is going to be so kaotic. and how would this work?

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