Audit Log API Support


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  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    An event would be really useful.

    Unfortunately, I suspect that this might be nontrivial to implement. Currently, most events are sent to every client. For an Audit Log entry creation event, it would need to only be sent to users who have the ability to access the Log. For everyone else, which is often the majority of users in a guild, it would be a waste of bandwidth and computation. If we don't hear back from Discord about this, it may be because they are unwilling to commit the development time which would be necessary for implementation. Presumably, an upside is that data usage could be limited if only the ID of a new entry is sent, as opposed to the entire contents of the entry.

    I'd love to see an event introduced for this. It would enhance the functionality of a lot of bots which a lot of guilds rely upon. I hope Discord deem it to be worth the engineering time.


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