Notify me when @user messages on a server (More customizable notifications)


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  • XiuhcoatlSlayer
    There are bots that do this, but for it to be an integrated discord feature would be way better 😃
  • Acco
    You can find new mentions with the recent mention feature, this just seems like extra work for the devs.
  • DiSH RaG

    would be cool if you could have different notification sounds for different people too, and have them have a 'ignore do not disturb' option, I like to do my homework and talk to my friends on a different tab, and I get so many notifications that I find myself checking a lot, and finding it was from group chats or servers. 

  • Dave Spaniard

    It would be great if you could select users as favourites and it would:
    Ping when they post
    Icon badge appears showing how many entries made
    Highlight their text 

    (Similar to when someone mentions you)


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