Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)


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  • LongEbbe567

    Well i cant access the About Me because im so lost in the menus, could someone help me find it?

  • Doc

    An about me section was added in the beta (and alpha im presuming) but only for select users, so that's why some of you are seeing it and some aren't. On youtube you can look up where the feature is if you have it.
    There's also an added profile banner but it seems to be locked behind nitro, which is exactly what I feared if more profiles features were to be added.

  • lalap


  • Soul🍸


  • EnderBoy69

    Bruh I have nitro but still I can't use these features why!!!!

  • GreenMan36
    Mr `Smartx Gaming YT`
    How about you read the comments before posting something dumb with three exclamation marks?

    Its in Beta for select users. You're just not in the selected user base.

  • MakeOutHill


  • Name

    You got it, the about me section is fully rolled out, and looks like it's coming to mobile soon!


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