Improvement of the current block system


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  • HeroGamers
    Harassment is against the Discord Community Guidelines, so if you find that someone is harassing you on the platform, you should contact the Trust and Safety team at :)
  • Tester

    regardless of whether it being against the guidelines or not, it shouldn’t be made easy for these people to see you.

  • lavender💜

    I hate that i still see "Blocked Messages" whenever I've blocked a person and get a notification for it in a server.

    Additionally, I hate that when in a voice channel, a person I've blocked can still hear what I'm saying, and in text channels they can still read what I'm saying.

  • Dora

    I agree.^^

  • DoggoBorkson

    The fact they never considered this could be a problem is a massive oversight on the discord teams parts


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