Keyboard closing upon scrolling


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  • Aika

    I experienced the same thing and I absolutely hate this change! They should have mentioned this in the update, now I can't downgrade because I have no backups that aren't from months ago.

  • Mini-Me

    They did it on purpose and I'm so upset about it. I respond to lots of paragraphs on Discord mobile and now it's just so frustrating.

  • TellowKrinkle

    Would like to note that most other applications that use Apple's frameworks to do things can use an option labeled "dismiss interactively" to make it so the keyboard only dismisses if you move your finger over it as you scroll (try it in iMessage).  While I realize whatever Discord uses may not support this as a single checkbox, it would be nice if they tried to make it at least have the base functionality that's given for free to all apps that use the normal UI framework, as it's what users expect from an iOS app.

    If they somehow can't do this, I would still much prefer the old functionality over the new

  • Blastoise186
    This was originally reported as a Bug in Discord Testers, but was closed out as Not A Bug. The original report was at
  • Pascal

    I agree with TellowKrinkle, that would be the best solution for it. That is much more convenient behavior.

  • Brassrhino

    I agree with TellowKrinkle as well! That would certainly be the best compromise of sorts between the old and current behaviors.

    And I'm glad to know for sure that this was an intended change! Hopefully it can be reverted back, or otherwise be improved from its current behavior.


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