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  • Pickup Truck

    Even though I pretty much only use the block feature for spambots, I agree with you about how blocking should remove that "x blocked messages" in servers. The whole point of blocking is to remove any traces of that person from your existence.

    I see the current blocking system like putting on earmuffs when someone you don't like is trying to talk to you face to face. If you were in this situation, will that solve the problem? No, of course not. His very presence will still get on your nerves.

    The most common argument I see against this is that it makes conversations look awkward and confusing. Well, the truth is if you block someone, you can care less about how "weird" conversations look. All that matters is that you don't want to see any traces of that person.

  • Lip Smacker

    I hope they add this because i hate it that I can still see “blocked message” when i blocked someone in a server. And they can still see what i typed.

  • Marvin Witt
    Even though this might sound like a good idea at first, this would allow you to just block every server moderator/admin and they wouldn't know anything about the things you post. This would effectively allow you to bypass all moderation on a server without them even knowing you did something bad. Theoretically it would be possible to make people with typical moderation permissions bypass blocking, but this would in return mean you can't block server staff members even if you wanted to.
  • NightOwlNL

    It would be nice if you can switch of the blocked messages. Then also, it would be fine if a person doesn't have a certain role, that gives them moderation authority, they just don't appear in chat.
    If a certain person is blocked a lot on a certain chat, it should be notified to an admin, so the messages can be reviewed automatically.

    Would make for an awesome moderation system.
    Also, it should be a system, where on a server with a lot of people, you need to have more blocks before being mentioned to an admin than on a server with little people


  • Drizzt

    the current blocking system sucks.  its annoying. If i block someone, im blocking them for a reason.  usually they are obnoxious trolls/spammers.  and the last thing i want to see are more messages popping up in chat telling me they are posting messages.  Defeats the whole purpose.  
    At the very least make an option to turn off the "Blocked Message"- Messages... unless there is already that option that i have been unable to discover


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