[SUGGESTION] Let me see which MUTUAL SERVERS a discord bot SHARES with me! (This way I can warn the the server owner about bot sending out viruses, and at least FIND OUT who the bot owner is (since the server owner would know) and REPORT them to discord)



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    Rabbit Tank

    This is a duplicate of https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360058388052-Mutual-Servers-with-Bots, so I'm closing it, but keep an eye on that post for future updates! 

  • Yuno

    Also, the server owner would like to know in order to ban the bot 

  • liam

    I'm pretty sure this used to be a feature as I think I can remember using it about two years ago, either way support.

  • zaplug2000

    did you know that server had posted nudes 

  • RPS1222
    This would be a great feature to add!
  • Shadow
    This would crack down on spam bots. Please, add it (back).

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