Archiving deleted messages from banned users to assist Trust & Safety reports


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  • Yes, this would be great, during a raid or something, you won't have to go through the support site to report them and copy a lot of ID's. You'll be able to report them without copying user ID's, server ID's, channel ID's, message ID's and links.
  • milk 🥛

    I agree. I just had a problem with this today while trying to report someone. could only take screenshots of their account name and show their alts joining, but not what they said as the bot had deleted the messages once I banned them- and in the logs all their was is the Bulk Deleted Messages, 8 Messages Deleted. It would be easier to report users that way.

  • rG Sketchy

    Yeah, I recently had a raid come in with highly inappropriate messages and I just wanted them out. I had to ban them and get their messages deleted without realising that you couldn't then report them after that happened. I would be great to have the option to report them at the same time as banning them otherwise they can just keep going on with what they were doing just on other servers.

  • Acid

    This absolutely needs to change, if Discord expects anyone in my server to pay them any money, the report system needs a severe overhaul.


    Accounts should have just their user name and Hashtag number be enough, but no it takes huge amounts of work for users.


    This really makes me want to switch to a better server like Ventrillo, at least there you don't have to deal with people threatening you and then only after you block or ban them do you realize the insane amount of steps it takes to submit a report.


    Because getting threats and having absolutely NO way to report these people is just wonderful and shows how little thought went into Discords design.

  • snugsound

    +1 for this. You are asking people to jump through hoops to report abuse (enable developer mode, get message IDs, screenshots, etc.); I'm not exactly thinking about this stuff in the heat of the moment while trying to remove abusive messages from my server! As a result, I can't report the offending user, and they're able to get away with this in other public servers.

    Why is there not simply a post-ban message archive with an option to "Report abuse" directly on messages? You have all the data to support something like this. Why is the onus on server admins?

    An update on this matter would be greatly appreciated. It's been a year.

  • Lurid

    I think the person banned should also be able to view some type of archive in case they were in the right.

  • intenzi

    This would be very helpful. +1


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