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  • felixisaac

    That's a great feature and all, but I don't think Discord would want that.

    1. Security reasons.

    2. It would take more time to load the web page.

  • dankcatlord

    I mean you can sandbox iframe with sandbox="allow-scripts allow-forms" note, that "allow-top-navigation", "allow-same-origin", "allow-pointer-lock", and "allow-popups" are not present.

    "allow-pointer-lock" and "allow-popups" are disabled as not to annoy the user.

  • Dojnaz

    This is a great idea. Bots could have a better input system, and not just rely on reactions and messages. Websites are a possibility, but it would be a great way to keep everything inside of discord. 

  • DingleFlop

    This sounds really awesome! I would love to see either this, or the "bot interaction URIs" another user suggested. This puts more of the overhead on the bot developer but would be 10x as powerful.

  • MightyCoderX

    That's what I thought cause right now you can't really do a good looking help page or other with embeds.They should make embeds more customizable, you should be able to change the background color, text color, font size and similiar things at least

  • Malmadork

    I think this would be a great idea. I’m developing bots that work on checking and outputting code from different languages. I would love to create a custom command like !html ```<h1>hello world!</h1>```, and have it make an embed with a snapshot of sorts that shows the html output.


  • LB

    I know this is hopeless, but it would be nice to have this. Even if it was a year old suggestion... :)

  • SnaveSutit

    This would be amazing for bot input. it would allow for more advanced and intuitive input.

  • Scott Buchanan

    This would be extremely useful!

  • Dojnaz

    With the new features that's coming for bots, this is less for a user interface and more to show more advanced content

  • rullinoiz

    i need this so bad

  • Jubei

    Imagine the usefulness of this! Forums would use bbcode i think to embed things like equipment loadouts with hover tooltips (like item details style) on the items. Totally see folks using this a lot! Right now folks just take screenshots from websites that do have these features and post the images :/

  • Yakov

    It wouldn't make it slower really if you mean by requesting for the html since it already fetches the content over a proxy to get previews of images etc

  • dustobub

    Technically I believe this is already working through YouTube embed previews in Discord. I also would love to see this support, particularly for oEmbed previews with rich html / iFramed content.

  • seamuskills

    I think they should add this but have a button to show it so you choose to load it rather than it slowing things down.

  • Krauti

    No they should not implement a full-scale js / html support.
    First of, discord would need to pre-load the whole webdeployment and proxy it to you for obvious security reasons.
    Okay and even if it would be secure there would be a huge performance problem.
    I would rather prefer a provided api for a simple ui elments in a chat like buttons, images, containers.
    Discord call me <3

  • btns

    Idk why these people are saying it'd be such a huge problem.. It'd be as simple as allowing HTML to be embedded in the message embeds, maybe just via iFrame.  This would be GREAT for bots and I really wish this functionality existed bc the current message embed functionality is heavily lacking.  As far as those of you saying it would be a huge performance problem, negative.  And why is this dude saying he'd want a provided api when discord already has a prebuilt api in use for bots, lol.  Discord, don't call him.

  • |;|ᓂᘏᗢ|;|

    We absolutely need this, this post is the first result on google for "discord embeds (insert feature that doesnt currently exist)"

    Why the hell its been sat for two years and not implemented i dont know, iframes are extremely easy to lock down, even IE 10 supports it.

    We need this 2 years ago

  • Yankue

    me when cross site scripting

  • 😈 DevilBlackDeath 😈

    +1 to this !
    It doesn't have to be a massive support either. Not even HTML5. HTML4 with basic CSS would be more than fine. Intentionally leaving out some features would be a good idea too.

    I have no idea where people talking about performance issues are talking about. Most people who want this feature won't use it to display some super graphically heavy site but to have a way to better present long form messages !

    Personally I keep some lists up on my private server for friends to look at them, and I'm about to switch to full Markdown+conversion to HTML to make it cleaner. The fact that Discord still doesn't have an equivalent to at the very least h2 or even just h3's HTML default is annoying for admins and bots.

    A good alternative could be to have a CSS-like language to format embeds. Being able to have multiple images, align them where you want, have line/column splits, text color, size, basic fonts and style formatting, text alignment. Even just this limited feature set would be so helpful !

  • lollilol

    Absolutely agree to you 😈 DevilBlackDeath 😈

    Being able to have multiple images, align them where you want, have line/column splits, text color, size, basic fonts and style formatting, text alignment. Even just this limited feature set would be so helpful !


    i came to this thread because it would be super cool to embed a google calendar embed. Thats probably a bit heavy, but can make sense in a locked channel

  • versatile goose

    We REALLY need this...

    I wanna advertise my server on my site!!!

  • rafa_br34

    Agreed, this would be an awesome feature, but it has been 5~ years and Discord didn't even announce anything about it, so RIP ig.

  • PPON

    discord add this because i want it would make everyone unique on discord and it would have brought people into discord with would have been so good


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