Profiles for sound settings


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  • Riot Mode

    I also want Audio Profiles please!

    Profile 1: Desk Microphone + Speakers
    Profile 2: Headset

    i always need to go to settings and switch In-/Output - its annoying

    why not a shortcut for audio profiles and just press F11 (Headset) or F12 (Desktop Speakers)
    it would be so much easier

    PLEASE !

  • 0_o

    strongly required!!


    (as in every other app)

  • Wolfkillz

    I just got a compressor mic and now i have to switch between settings just to get them to work if i care to switch to my headset

  • Dortamur

    I too would love to have this feature, as I regularly switch between playing flat-screen games and VR games while using Discord.


    Profile 1: Desktop Headphones + Desktop Mic, Push to Talk

    Profile 2: VR Headset  + Mic, Voice Activity

    It's a real hassle having to switch back and forth regularly (especially if you forget and wonder why no-one's talking to you for a while).

    I personally would prefer a simple select-box to switch profiles. An extra icon next to Mute/Deafen/Settings would be nice, with an indicator of current profile - but even a Select Box at the top of Settings => Voice & Video would be much easier than manually changing multiple settings every time.


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