Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • ultra

    I agree 1000% I mostly got Nitro for boosting. They should do this!

  • markawes

    Agreed, you need to do this.



  • piudaipai

    Yes, plss 

  • ZEN9TH

    I agree with this but I personally believe Nitro subs should have three boosts while Classic subs should have one. Also the cooldown time between boosts is something that should possibly be addressed.

  • Intron

    Yes, please. We need this so badly.

  • Ma Chao Fanboy 🌊

    Cheap boys

  • 【💠】𝐇𝐢𝐛𝐚-𝐬𝐚𝐧

    Please consider the poor people

  • Ma Chao Fanboy 🌊

    Its 10 dollars just dont buy chicken tenders one time

  • kieranthedev

    I still think that server boosting should be allowed for those that have nitro classic without any extra subscriptions needed cos at the end of the day, those that have paid for nitro classic are still a paying customer, and now that games is no longer included in nitro there isnt much point in paying for the full nitro anyway

  • Joy

    I agree with this, actually make it

    Nitro Classic : 1 server boost
    Nitro Premium : All Server Boost / Unlimited Server Boost

  • Cooligan

    100% for this.

    I hope this comes into effect. Even if they only added the 2-3 Boosts for $9.99 Nitro, that would be truly amazing.

    I can see why they'd leave out classic to give incentive to purchase the $9.99 version.

  • Anish

    Here's the thing,

    Discord is removing games from nitro games, so the difference between nitro games and nitro classic is boosting, you can'y ask them to make boosting available for nitro classic, then nitro games will be useless.


    However, i do believe that the price for a single boost should be $1-3, $5 is outrageous.

  • batmeg

    This needs to be addressed and fixed. I do not use the other streaming perks and otherwise with Nitro. The main reason I got $9.99 Nitro was to be able to boost the small community I love and to have access to the games library once I had a net issue resolved. I only bought Nitro last month and that was my reasoning. Now, I find the games will be removed and feel that now I just have an expensive boost.

    I would love to see another way to have the capability to boost more than one server now that the other core reason for my getting Nitro has disappeared. At least give me the ability to show support for one or two other small communities I love. I don't stream on discord... I don't upload... the other perks aren't worth it.

    Please consider this. +1 on this to see these concerns addressed like I brought them up on the recent blog post about Games being removed.

    Thank you.

  • Anish

    An idea would be for


    Nitro Classic: 1 boost
    Nitro Games: 2-3 Boosts
    Each Extra Boost: $1-3

  • Bent Van Aeken

    That would be lovely.

  • giraffe

    3 boosts would be legendary

  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    I definitely agree with this suggestion, since I’m running on grandfather nitro and do not plan to switch to the 9.99 one just to boost a server. This suggestion could also help discord bring in more revenue from nitro subscriptions if users see that server boosting is offered to BOTH classic and nitro
  • Ane

    I agree with this 100%

  • charitwo
    This system definitely needs some improvements. I too would like to see this implemented soon as described.
  • aykrivwassup

    YES PLEEEEASE. I REALLY want to boost my own server but I never cared about the games aspect of $10 Nitro so I never really felt justified enough to get it. And now that they’re removing those, they’re gonna need something huge to justify having separate tiers.

  • Alice

    I agree, Nitro classic users are actually being shorted a boost if they buy a standalone server boost instead of upgrading to $10 nitro for the same price. For this reason I believe classic users should still receive at least a single boost. 

  • IrriOn1

    So for 4.99$ a month you can buy a Server Boost. I am already a Nitro Classic User and already pay 4.99$ per month, so I think it would make perfect sense to include one boost for Nitro Classic Users. Unless I am missing something here?

  • SplatSquid

    But people who have the 10$ don't have more perks than the 5$ subscription. This 10$ will became useless

  • almostsuspense
    yes they have, see the new "server boost changelog" article
  • Makikou

    Yeah, doesn't make any sense that Nitro users get 2 boosts while Nitro Classic users get shorted out completely. Give 1 boost as it was before for normal Nitro.

  • vintprox

    Oh my geebies. I wanted to gift Nitro Classic to the winner of contest, but then I remembered this issue with boosting, and I think it's a $50/year cashgrab in this case...

  • Saluki

    This is definitely something deserved by all Nitro subs

  • Nanako

    Please give Classic members a boost!

  • Xumari

    > Pricing a single server boost the same as Nitro Classic itself feels like a punch in the face, considering that buying them both would be the same as buying Nitro Games to start with.

    I totally agree with that statement. I won't get Nitro Classic unless it has one Boost included. The solution is plain: Nitro with 2 boost (just like it is now), and Classic with 1 boost.


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