Nitro users unable to randomise tag.


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  • Neko Noms

    What tag are you trying to use? i've never came across that before and my tag is #2002, a very common number

  • seaturtle
    why not just use a random number generator and try it? Worst case scenario you maybe have to do it twice or maybe three times, but I seriously doubt it'll take any more than that. No way is it actually going to take 10,000 times to find one thats not in use.
  • simon



    It took me a good 30 tries to find the tag I am using now "simon#1111". Discord's getting huge now; it's not unthinkable that for popular usernames the tag space might be pretty heavily occupied, maybe even completely occupied.


    It's unlikely that for a given username, there will be 10,000 people who already have it - I know. But really, it should just be one button press to be assigned a tag. The reason it's so frustrating is that this feature is available to non Nitro users! By paying for nitro I have to do more work? BRUH


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