Pay a flat sum to boost your server


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  • KrunkJuice

    I would like this as well, or an option to opt out of the nitro games to be able to boost my server twice for tier one. 

  • Talon
    I would disagree on that. The prices are simply too expensive.
  • leah

    Why would a small server need that much bandwidth? you're never going to saturate it...

  • Grammsay

    I understand the frustration, and yes, the prices are way too expensive.
    To put it simply, you don't need all those things in a small community, you simply don't. With that said, I think this feature can definitely be improved over time.

  • PepsiPlayzz
    This is useless really, as you are getting extra perks including audio. Having audio alone for THIS EXPENSIVE and even having better audio for sale just makes Discord look "bad" with greed. It's a good idea, but the prices and other factors lead me into downvoting.
  • Set-L

    I run a "large" community, but almost everyone boosts their friend's server instead of ours, or don't have Nitro, which is fine. That's their choice.

    I would gladly pay, however, $10/m to get server boosting for my server. Why?

    Allowing musicians to send music to our server without needing links
    Server banner to look more professional
    Vanity URL would be nice for SEO
    Our community loves custom emojis, so more emojis would make them very happy.

    Forcing users to get Nitro for boosting is a real pain. The free games aren't a good draw, especially as we all have most of them from GOG or Humble Bundle freebies. Being able to pay to boost our server would solve this.

  • BiCycleA.I

    Being real - Does Nitro Games even exist anymore... from what I've seen.

    - It's really stupid that a Server boost would cost $37+ each year anyway. It makes way more sense for something that small to...

    1.Not be a Subscription based thing, and instead a 1 time payment.

    2.Not be so expensive anyway, and be at a more realistic price of £20/$25.

    I think a lot of the reason for this overpricing, and then making you overpay, is just the ''APPLE'' sort of greed. Overpricing things to the point of Extremism.


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