Discord Boosting


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  • Ibex

    Yeah, I found the whole thing disincentivizing. I have a rapidly growing community, just hit 2,000 people. And I love having the animated gif server icon, and having the extra emoji. But If I lose my nitro, then i’ll lose those features. That’s demotivating.

    I’d rather get one permanent emoji with each boost — something more incremental. Work our way up slowly over the course of years to get to top features.

    I’m surprised they didn’t go this route. Whales would spend 10x more, and light spenders would get to slowly add emoji and other features over time without the fear and pressure to keep it going. Im telling my community not to bother. We did Nitro for a month. But I’m going to remove the emoji I added. It’s not worth it if there’s a threat that it will go away.

  • lmao

    I think they should disappear but when you hit a level then it stays at that level regardless of how many boosts are actually left


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