Notification of banishment / kick


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  • ! Galletita Oreo
    I agree but the current system is perfect, the entire server disappears for the person punished and you can hardly distinguish between a ban or a server deletion.
  • CaptainSonic

    Additionally, I think it would be cool if server admins had the ability to choose whether or not to send this notification.

    Maybe it wouldn't be a "notification", but a message that shows up on the screen (similar to the NSFW warning message) when the banned member attempts to click into the server, and when they click off of it, the server disappears from their list. That would be amazing.

  • umbosky - Sparta Elite

    Hi. I see that a server in my list just disappeared. How can I know if i was banned? Is there a registry or a personal log? Should i receive a notification or message for the ban? Thanks in advance

  • Cocam123

    Hello or good evening, Umbosky.

    Currently it's not possible to know if the account is banned or excluded from a server with any reason.

    That's why I sent this request to Discord to add a notification system for exclusions/ban

  • Radcat44

    The system is far from perfect. I was just banned from POS Pissed Off Side. It said I had made racial remarks.

    In no way shape or form did I do such a thing. So I would like to talk to someone to clear this error but now I dont have access even to a moderator. Sure would be nice to know what they are accusing me of saying that was racial. I had no intention of that and don't want accused of something I didnt do...

  • ツ J∈∩∫

    It also depends on the admins/mods how they communicate and how fair they use their tools.

  • OrganicMetalSonic

    a server in my list just...randomly disappeared. I don't know if I was kicked or banned, or something else happened. So... I don't know what happened but like...

  • Dick Thunder

    umm... I was on the Tech source server, and randomly it got removed from my server list, I assumed I got banned or kicked even tho I don't think I did anything that was worth a ban or kick, I mean it was kinda random, I was just chilling there talking..

    i did not get any bot DM saying I got banned... I tried to join that server and when I pasted the link, it was just loading for a long time, it did not give the "Opps looks like you have been banned" screen, I assumed it was a kind of bug or something, just reported it here...

  • Wildmagick

    This is incredibly problematic for a number of reasons.

    1.  Most of the time, there is an error, but lacking a reasonable system for telling the difference, no one knows of the error until, say, a reason for dozens of people to assemble at a time occurs only to cause mass confusion.


    2.  At least in the US, defamation is in fact a crime.  No, you do not get to make your own best judgement on this.  If loss, in any way occurs because of say, a lie, or even a truth you cannot prove, you could be sued for significant damages and if in any way, a criminal case ensues, you WILL go to prison over the matter.

    Even one case could have Discord served with a cease and desist order forcing them to shut down.  It is simply not in their best interest to enable such a thing.  Even the best case scenario is likely to, sooner or later, cause a class action lawsuit.

    Let me be clear, banning someone from a server is likely to result in something like not being hired by a company who does a check on social media.  Such things are common and are by definition, defamation with significant, provable monetary damages.  A lawsuit you are unlikely to win since records are not kept, by the offender (in this case Discord).  But let's get wild here and say some prosecutor uses this as evidence (or just tries and fails to use it as evidence) in a criminal trial.  This is significantly more troublesome and very dangerous territory.....for a mod.  Can subpoena who did it.  You can be found.  And this IS a serious crime.  Discord is exposing you to serious trouble without openly documenting such things.

    And just so you understand.  You may or may not go to jail.  But only after spending 6 figures in cash to defend yourself.


    Think twice.

  • Nounverber

    Exactly this. A server that I liked disappeared from my list and I would like to know if the server was deleted or if something else happened.

  • Wildmagick

    Unfortunately, the people from Discord don't provide even this basic function. Which results in millions of support tickets no one will bother to answer.


    For example, the most common issue (which they won't so much as talk about) is that links to a Discord server invite function only for this and only once, then expire.  So if you attempt to use the link again, instead of something common sense like bringing you to the server, it says the link is either expired or you've been banned.  Neither of which is true 99.9% of the time.

    Instead, the person has to open up Discord and physically search to see if that server is one of the ones they are connected to.

    If that server vanishes from your list, you have no way of knowing if you were banned, the server was deleted.  Or somehow you removed it from your active list.  Your old server invite won't work anymore because it expired with one use.

    The only way is to know the server exists and who runs it and ask them for another invite.  But not through Discord.

    If you ever wonder why Zoom is a thing due to C19 when Discord had been around for years..this is why.

  • DemonXD

    can anyone tell me how i may unban my acc. It is said that i broke the tos or hacked peoples acc. I dont think i broke any rules if i did jt was an accident

  • Your Local Simp

    I dont know why, and I dont know how, but this has happend twice, I joined a server, I was gonna join it and it wasn't in my server list! I was adding my roles once too, and it dissapared!

  • yis

      I just found out I've been banned from a server and can't see if i was banned for a reason or not, and i can't even get in contact with a moderator. Having a bot notify me when i was banned would've been very useful and being able to speak with a moderator through an alternative account (of theirs), or a bot, or having all the channels, but one hidden "if you were banned" channel, locked would be super helpful.

  • Espoir

    I was banned recently a few days ago. I wasn’t rude or saying anything extremely bad. There were fake notifications and I just said “Stop the fake rifts” (part of a game I play) and I check discord, and the server is gone. I got banned just for saying that? Can anyone explain to me what was so bad in saying one thing that wasn’t harming anyone?

  • 𝓶𝓲𝓭𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽

    Hi! Just asking if what is the meaning of this?

  • Fan of ES

    So if it says only ban it inst a perma banned

  • Fan of ES

    Im saying because last time I dindt even get a notif and this time I did get a notification

  • ArchAngel217

    Hey, I was chatting on the r/zelda server when suddenly I was taken back to my home screen and the server disappeared from my list. I searched up the server and tried to get back in but when I clicked on it nothing happened. I don't remember doing anything wrong, but, have I been banned? 

  • Snacktivity

    So, I won a giveaway on the SkyCash server. After a day, the server randomly disappeared from my list of servers. I don't know if I was banned or kicked, but I deserve to know, and claim my giveaway.

  • Anzu_w33b

    The present system is very broken..

    You do not know if you where banned, did they switch to requiring two factor on accounts, or was the server was just shut down?

    It seems very little thought has been given on this.

  • Kk

    Something even more weird happened to me. When I tried to join this server I got banned for no reason. Why did I get banned, well I don't know. I didn't even get a notification from a bot saying that I got banned from that discord server. Yesterday when I went on that server every single channel was deleted and there was only 2 channels. Those two channels were too clear, there was no text messages on it. Also the main part was that I didn't even talk in that server ever. I didn't even say a word. I didn't even click on it ever. Then yesterday I just decided to check out on it. I still didn't say anything when I went on the server. I just left thinking that the owner deleted the server. Then today when I tried to join it, it showed me a buffering symbol and didn't join the server. I don't know if I got banned or not even! The first screenshot is the screenshot of me click on the server and it showing the buffering symbol. The second screenshot is the screenshot after what happened when I clicked on the server.

    Someone please help me and tell me what to do. I don't know why this has happened to me. Please help

  • tim3130

    So im trying to join a server but im not sure if im banned or what the problem is. I just get this notification it doesnt even say that im banned and im kinda confused since it could be that the server got deleted.

    edit im banned is there any way for unban requests

  • Lim Xiao Wei Crystal 林晓微

    I Wanted to make a complain of idk how was I even ban where I just wanted to make friends then out of the moment , I was kick wtf I cannot imagine myself from this why the admin was so rude to me when I was only new to the server , I was ban for honeystextdeco this server that I just join just because that I wanted to make friends and I dont understand why admin can be so childish towards me I cant even make a ticket to complaint or I cant even make another acc just because of I was ban I really dont understand idk what happend to the server is there a way to help me out I cant even make a ticket when I just wanna talk to my friends omg 

  • Captain Orange Juice

    This happened to me with Discord Town Hall. I have no idea what I did wrong, and in the server it says that you cannot appeal a ban for that server.


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