The Discord Crown


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  • NathanNorth
    agreed. so, i want to see this feature on Discord
  • Enigma

    Still waiting for this feature

  • theAnton

    Yes please, make the crown a separate option, I'd like to be able to display it regardless of role settings.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧

    In additional to this feature, i think it's best to not turn off the crown, if you show more roles separated.
    It will be messy, if someone wants to show the crown, but also wants admins to show (but the crown goes away)

  • Galactic Specter

    some one made the same suggestion as you

  • Galactic Specter

    some one made the same suggestion as you

  • em

    @Arctic Specter


    A suggestion that was redirected by whomever to use the old method of tampering with the administration settings. This is being brought back to light since it's still a recurring question and somewhat more a demand if anything. Is this suggestion denied or considered is mostly my aim?

  • Plemso

    Vouch 👍

  • David Ningthoujam

    It is really needed. pls discord add this option ASAP!

  • Jrelvas

    Yes, this is completely needed! sometimes users simply need to know who really is in charge on the server.

  • Pappa Danne

    Just make this happen already...

  • VitBuk

    Need that too. 

  • frank42

    I don't get it why discord is constantly fighting against a configurable crown display option.

    We talk here about a simple "Display crown: yes/no" option in the server settings and an if() statement around the crown image display function. That's programming effort of about 2 hours with extensive testing included.
    All the tickets over the years just for preventing this little feature.

    So, why do they refuse? Politics?

  • Cosimo

    Yep, this lack of option to remove the crown bothers me greatly too. I would so much like to be able to get rid of that crown. It makes me look more important than I really am in my group and it's really annoying every day.

    Please do something, dear Discord! Just give us the choice, please.


    Has this feature been released yet

  • MAJSTER484

    I fully agree.

  • pensivebread

    I am in the same situation where I need to keep the role permissions the way they are but also turn off the crown.

  • ansel

    I found this after coming here to make the same suggestion — what if I have a trusted admin partner but still want to flex on them and our users? The "official" solution of turning off role groups in the sidebar is no fun at all.

  • miraisen

    I'm very much annoyed that such a simple feature isn't being considered for implementation. Just a simple toggle on/off button for the crown is what I'm asking for. I hate being highlighted in servers where a hierarchial structure's supposed to be nonexistent, and bypassing it creates the same problem - I'd have to let myself be displayed separately from other roles?? It really doesn't make sense.

    Please please consider implementing this simple feature.

  • Bakalexis

    That would be great if this feature was available, so we can keep other administrators on the servers while keeping the crown for the owner


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