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  • juliengarrigue

    I totally agree with that

  • caucasian

    That would be cool, but you can use a separate channel for announcements and general chat.

  • 葉 (leaf)


  • アストロワールド

    Hey Discord, during these quarantine time can be a real pain, a good idea could be adding web cam feature like how zoom is, were u can enter chat room and have option of web cam services, it would b mad poppin during time like this. 

  • Aquilles da Amizade

    O Discord desativa a conta se o usuário tiver usando um avatar gif sem nitro?

  • shynah

    discord idk if im the only one with this problem but in my new macbook air M1 there is no noise suppression. please help me fix this.

  • you what mate

    hey discord can you disable 2fa for me I can’t login

  • Iamaadigarg

    Hello, I have messaged Discord on twitter many times and emailed about like 3 times....but am not getting any response from past 3 days , 4th day is ending and my account will be permanently deleted after 10 days, I have not done anything .... My discord was hacked because i clicked a link which was given by a stranger in my dm. Then i wasn't able to control over my account.Suddenly , after many times i logged in my account and it says "Your account has been disabled"...Its absolutely not my fault, I will not click any link or will do something..Please i need my account back it was my main 4yrs old account .

    Kindly look into it ID - 𝘼𝙑𝙂・𓆩𝙕𝙀𝙐𝙎⃟ 𓆪🥀🥂ᵀ⁹ʳ #9068   

  • Land Owner


    I also agree with that point.

  • Nadarith Gineroe

    @mini crossword Your comments really resonate with my use of Discord. It's easy to see that they have improved even more now

  • Michael Arrington

    Yes, I agree that having the option to enable expandable comments on a post would be a valuable feature for Discord. This would allow users to keep their posts clean cookie clicker and organized, while also providing a way for guild members to provide feedback and discuss the topic.


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