Admins/ Staff of a discord server should be able to see who else is a mod/staff/admin in Server settings


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  • Zacatero
    This seems unnecessary... If a server owner doesn't know who they're giving powers to and just gives it out so leisurely that they cant keep up with who is an admin?? Then I'm not surprised when bad stuff happens to that server. Makes little sense for Discord to change to accommodate that.
  • Pearl Milk Tea



    It depends on the hierarchy of the administration then, Say it was (owner) , (admins) and (mods) what if someone infiltrates the admin's account and starts trolling and does furthermore damage by modding friends.


    Edit: the owner is not going to be up for 24 hours and can't track everything that goes down in the server 

  • GTA Tetris

    If someone infiltrates an account of an admin, there is nothing you can do and that is highly unlikely anyway. There are staff channels and roles which highlight clearly who is in which position. In addition, it does not bring away the fact that it is the fault of the person/staff if they purge or 'go rogue' not an issue with features available. 


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