Feature Suggestion: Tool to count how many servers I am in, why an invite link is invalid, and ask us what e-mail we want to sign into on the browser to accept an invite link


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  • liam

    From hitting 100 servers myself I'm pretty sure it tells you when you hit 100 servers, however I might be misremembering as I am only in around 10 guilds max now, you NEVER need to be in 100 servers. Just leave some.

  • TheBananasaurus


    While I appreciate you commenting on this very much, none of that answers my questions/helps with furthering features - especially since you a) said you might actually be misremembering, and b) said "just leave some because you don't need 100 servers." Every user is different. There is a reason we're allowed to be in that many. I have my reasons for being in well over 30 servers.

    The suggestion isn't helpful. Thank you anyway, however.


    I second these features, and I think it makes total sense to also include the ability to organize them more than just with folders, such as sub folders? Dunno. Your ideas alone would be a massive improvement.


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