Profile Picture Change Limit


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  • Senju

    Yes i agree 100% its these little things that matter

  • Jam

    Server costs would be exponentially expensive. why would you want too do that anyway...

  • Unizornz

    That would be annoying, so perhaps without nitro

  • canned_doughnuts_

    If you have nitro I think profile picture change rate should be practically limitless (within reason) - it's rather annoying trying perfect your new potential pfp only to have to wait to be able to adjust/change/reset it again. I suggest either a preview mode - pfp is changed locally everywhere for one minute so no need to upload it to servers or ability to change once per minute with ~ 50 times a day.

  • Rika

    i think there shouldn’t be a limit, nitro or not.

  • CARTER3452



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