Allow us to boost our servers to max server level, without requiring additional users to boost the same server!


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  • Wimpyfox

    The main issue is, if you want your server to level up and your the only current booster, you can't unboost and spend it elsewhere because its unlikely anybody will waste boosting a server with 0 current boosts, since it does nothing.

  • Tamichi

    I was just going to post something like this. The problem with my personal server is none of my friends have Nitro and don't plan on getting it. Since that's the case I'm the only one who can boost my server and that doesn't even get me to lvl1 because I need 2 boosts. What they should do is keep the 7 day cooldown like they already have but give us the ability to boost again without removing our previous boost. This way I can boost my server all the way up to lvl3 and me and all my friends can enjoy the perks on my server. 


    Totally agree

  • JusstG Thats Me!

    I feel I've been scammed as the ad for nitro is missleading in making you think after the 7day cool down you can boost the same server again or a new one to boost multiple servers. This is a crappy service in my eyes now at this point. I paid $100 for a year to be able to use it the same way I did when I used it for free...

  • starkiller

    Agreed that is exactly as I read it. I now also feel ripped off. I paid for the year for basically no upgrade I will not do so again


    I am in the same boat as starkiller and JusstG! I feel scammed and when I tried to request support I got bot auto responses! Why in the world would I want to spend more money on a product that will not benefit me or my server in the least. In order to attract more people you need to dress up and here is the catch 22, you can not make your server more appealing by purchasing the product that supposedly help do that very thing.


    boost my server 

  • movies

    please boost my server, my goal is to reach level 2 



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