Ability to see who has claimed your nitro gift


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  • Msami
    Would be very cool to see! Maybe it would show in your transaction logs too.
  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    Would be very useful in case if you forget who you gifted the nitro to
  • Chel

    Yea, especially when someone is giving away nitro links to everyone whoever clicked on it first lol


    Or maybe add a 'gifting nitro'  'audit logs' for the user to review in their user settings that shows them the date/time, user who claimed it and the nitro type

  • eat my sass

    Yes! I have a gifting text channel in my server, and from time to time I'll leave a Nitro gift in there, I'd love to see who claimed it so I can make sure next time I post a Nitro gift that someone else can have the chance to claim it. 

  • Zack

    Agreed, please add.

  • Kenny-G-16

    Please add this functionality Discord

  • PikaChokeMe

    I also think this would be super helpful as sometimes when I drop nitro gifts in channels, they appear to get claimed almost immediately. It would be nice to know that an actual user is getting this gift and that a bot somewhere on standby isn't just sucking them all up. 


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