Management permissions should be more seperated


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  • SpudsMcKinsey

    As a tangential concept to the above details, with the same topic, I have had to create new discord servers because admin bits can't be given for specific areas.  For example, I cannot give admin bits to just a category, i must give it for the whole server.  Or for another example, if I want a section in a server I admin to be not visible to me, I can't give an admin rights to handle that area and take away my ability to see.  So as admin I see everything.

  • poisonedwaters

    I see permission separation is a huge thing that is suggested over all. Permissions should be separated based off of the actual action it grants rather than a collection of actions. I would prefer higher control over what roles can do what and not worry about giving certain actions to a role that I didn't want to give in the first place. And to the above comment, I feel like there should be an ability to create channels that only the owner can see, not admins.


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