Discord ID switcher


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  • Kanzuke

    This sounds trivial for bot developers to just do themselves, overriding an ID -> User lookup in their bots local cache.

  • Costpap
    This is a nice idea, but I feel like it could be abused to for example trolling, avoiding Trust and Safety reports, not to add that it may break certain functions and bots. So whether to add this or not is questionable.
  • Typhoon
    This would completely beat the purpose of IDs,IDs are static for a reason,usernames change,IDs don't this is just how discord works, If IDs were changeable even for a short period of time it would invalidate a lot of things like bots,server bans etc
  • Voltis

    The idea is good but the id is too important to be changed as easily! however it could have some sort of shorter temporary id (12345) but the official id would still be visible by humans


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