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  • Csember

    I fully support this idea. If you worry that it may be an issue, maybe give people an optional conceal textwall button, kind of like how we have to click for spoilers.


  • Soheab_

    No thx

  • PiggyPlex

    I'd prefer the exact opposite: being able to change the MAXIMUM number of characters in a channel to prevent spam or just for normal uses, like counting channels.

  • k9lego

    This would be nice for advertisement channels. The Minecraft Discord server's "#looking-to-play", for example, could benefit greatly from this!

  • Eroz

    Would like to see Nitro Boosting accounts to have 3000-5000 Limit, you'll get rich Discord ;)

  • StriderIT

    I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that there should be a server setting to disable the limit! It's pretty annoying to RP with 2000 characters per message!

  • U+200B

    i sometimes have super long conversations with people where we end up sending like whole pages of text to each other, but because of the character limit we have to like awkwardly select all cut and re-copy paste in everything one chunk at a time, and its pretty annoying. but not that bad. extending the limit could be something for nitro users.

  • ꒰🌼꒱ Aster

    This would be great as a lot of roleplayers get frustrated by the character limit. Having to post part of a reply before you're finished is not only spoilers but if you have to go back and fix something to make sense it's a hassle.

  • Adrian Malhiers

    I actually agree with this as when I'm creating the rules and info for my server there is not enough space to do so and I have to make it into different parts.

  • Van EN.KI

    I had the same thing up here a few days ago, rather than give any feedback (to me or you) they just "merged" my ticket with yours. Pretty sure they just copied comments over and discarded my original post. It's almost like this is something they should have implemented a long time ago.


    Plus, this ticket is 23 days old, way to shut me up Discord. 

    My post:

    "Right now Discord has a max character limit. This is something that should be controlled by server creators in their settings. It is understood that Discord is trying to prevent spam or flooding. By making it a setting controlled by us, the end users, you enable us to handle any spam/flooding ourselves without telling us how many words we can use.


    It summary: It's my server, I should be allowed to paste as many characters as I want, right?




    Their response: "Hi there! This suggestion is the same as so in an effort to keep duplicates out and keep everything neat and tidy, we're going to merge this ticket into that suggestion. This ticket will be deleted automatically after a week."

  • Van EN.KI

    Ignore the downvotes, they're not real. Good idea.

  • Residays

    Oof, I didn't even realize this was downvoted until you commented and I got an e-mail.

  • Van EN.KI

    They're STILL merging them here.

  • Acco
    it's not just an arbitrary limit, it's to do with the impact it has on discord's computers
  • Bibliothekar

    Just split your message into multiple ones? Especially in roleplaying servers, I'd consider the current limit a good thing so other players have a chance to react instead of being squashed by a novel.

  • Aridolomo

    Inceased Character limit would be really pleasant, I am way too often running into the character limit wall, often it is not an issue to break it up, although it is utterly annoying and discord does a terrible job at spacing, especially when you want an empty row in there. The moments it hurst though is when someone opens up with something personal and you write a fairly emotional response to it, only to see "2000 character limit reached"... Those just hurt

  • raychu

    Being able to change a channel's setting to adjust the maximum character limit would be very useful. That can ensure people won't abuse the feature as it will be easier to moderate it if it's limited to certain few channels of the admin's choosing. And it'll be very useful for us writers, indeed.

  • themainc

    Using Discord for RP is difficult because of the low character maximum. Typically on my RP server, we have to break a standard reply into three fully maxed out messages, so our paragraphs are I terrupted by an ugly "_" otherwise discord will smash the replies together with no line drop. And that's not even counting the long replies.

    Would really appreciate discord allowing server admins to set a character maximum at least five times the length of the current maximum (November 2019) and ideally, though probably stretching, twenty times.

    I also appreciate the idea raised by @Csembr of being ably to hide the walls of text behind a 'spoiler' alert (but one specifically for extra long replies)

  • HuntingFighter

    Agreed, especially annoying also for bot coding as character Limits also apply on editing and moving down text is shit :/

  • EmberVoices

    I agree that it makes sense to be able to modify the character limits, but I won't be surprised if the reason for the upper limit has to do with server load or something...


  • Craig

    Even if Discord won’t change this limit, adding a character count total to the interface would help us know when we are approaching the maximum, so we could know when to “send” and start a new message.

  • Sam

    Discord should change this limit back to no limit for DM's. Channel limitations are understandable. It was one of the "greats" with regard to talking to a friend, days apart, having several conversations "all in one", typing out as much as you need to without worrying about how many characters you're typing. 

    I'd love to see the complaints that others have submitted about messages being too long (especially when you can just block a person).  

    Now it seems, Discord dev's would rather us type it all out in Word (in order to do what we used to do and let it just flow) for a word/character count and then cut and paste it in blocks so we can get our message across without "size" limitations....

    Yes I know there is now a character count in chat.  It still stops you from getting carried away chatting about things and then causes the whole - oh shit, gotta cut and paste some of this to/from doc etc.,  as just happened to me.

    Might as well go back to talking to my friends on Messenger or Whatsapp to catch up. It was great to be able to do it in Discord, and preferred.

    What was the reason for implementing this again?  Consideration?  

    I never thought I would see such limitations from Discord - until now, being a user pretty much from day 1 for one reason or another, I've always thought of Discord as a liberator of all other VOIP app protocols - total freedom.  This is just text and there are way too many other options available.



  • 13

    +1 to this suggestion. We need to increase the limit.

  • Hazel

    Agreed, I definitely understand the limit, but if you allow the uploading of a .txt document that's the same size as the would-be message when it goes over the limit, then you're not saving any server space/load at all (unless it's compressed somehow), which I feel is the main argument for not increasing the limit.

    But even if the .txt file is compressed, people end up getting around it by posting the same amount of text if they really want to, anyway, they just have to go through the hassle of making a bunch of separate posts. 

    It makes far more sense to just add an option to remove the limit, or at least increase it. Maybe integrate it into a Nitro feature somehow.

    "Just split your message into multiple ones? Especially in roleplaying servers, I'd consider the current limit a good thing so other players have a chance to react instead of being squashed by a novel."

    That's not what I would expect most people to be posting large messages for in an RP scenario. Most posts that big are MEANT to be sent all at once, as reacting between posts is like cutting the original writer off from their stream of consciousness. 

    "Couldn't someone abuse this? They could put any amount of lines with random letters and copy/paste it a bunch..."

    They could, once, but then they'd get banned. You could have the same argument for literally any feature in discord. Couldn't someone abuse the voice feature by joining a channel and spamming? Yes. Does that mean we should remove voice from Discord? No. It means implementing a way to stop that spamming for that user. The group shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few.

    "No thx"

    Yes pls

  • RemyRowe

    As a roleplayer/writer and a gamer - honestly i want this for my servers entirely. Spam is annoying, but having to make 6-8+ posts for your rules, information, or a simple roleplay post is far more annoying. Not to mention the convert to document is really unwanted. I hate that it's a feature. If i wanted it in a doc, i'd put it in a doc myself and send it. Personally, I think servers should be allowed to customize the amount of characters per message a user can post and have 2000 be default but maybe if you have Admin status, you can adjust this for yourself by overriding it with a role, same with other members. Maybe you want your mods to have a 3000 character limit, you a 6000 character limit, and the rest of the users a 2000 character limit. That would, honestly, be so much nicer and could prevent abuse in most forms.

  • Artaith

    Honest question, has discord ever disclosed an official reason for this EXTREMELY annoying "feature"? I'd like to at least know why I have to split my nice and tidy 40000+ character message into 20 messages that split awkwardly based on character limit, occasionally displaying my icon and username mid-post because I couldn't get the 17th post copy-pasted in within some arbitrary time limit I never quite figured out.

    Thanks in advance for letting me know, I'd really appreciate it.


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