Discord Bot Verification System


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  • Luke

    I am also a bot developer, and i think it's a very good idea ; with your suggestion, the badge would be added ONLY to the "real" developers, who are loving what they are making, and not just for the badge.
    It also gives the developer a reward, welcome, because hosting a bot and developing it is not a very easy thing. And above all to stay motivated.
    Thanks to this system, the developer is rewarded from the moment he is really motivated, that he is not a "simple badges collector".

  • sam00001

    I've been developing bots for about 3 years now and the introduction of this system really excited me - a new way to be rewarded for helping fuel the frontend of their platform.

    Personally I believe If they set the bar a 'lil higher for the requirements, such as 1000-2000 servers, things would've worked out a lot better. There are just too many applications and 75 is way too low. It's more people making bots to get to that level than rewarding bots who are already at that level (unless your bot has some kind of partnership or affiliation with discord in which you got the verification before anyone else).

    I think they could've done this a lot better than it was, and even if a lot of people want the badge when they have 75 servers, it just doesn't allow for real developers to actually be rewarded for the work they put in imo. I think discord should've treated this like the partner system and set a high bar for developers to achieve to be on a developers only server, and to have a developers only badge which has some form of exclusivity and sets a true aim for developers.


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