Age Verification


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  • Maxisnotfound

    Help i'm 19 and i put in my wrong birthday.
    Contact me here:

  • Doc

    Agreed except I think it should be optional when it comes to servers that don't have NSFW channels at all. In other words you would only need to go through the verification process if you indeed plan on looking in 18+ channels.

  • Dramitysupremegaypanics

    Hello,Some Weeks Ago I Have A Accident,I'm 15 But I Clicked For Accident On A Nsfw Channel Trying To Access A Server Channel And Appear Me A Notice That My Account Will Be Deleted In 30 Days
    My Id It's Dramitysupremegaypanics#2500

  • Tawny4065

    I'm 19/08/2000, my ID YAMAZIRU#4301

  • Paulo Romero231

    Please help me bring back my account I'm already 21 and I put a wrong age in discord because I thought it was not taken seriously. I have so many important files and meetings there. Please bring it back immediately 😭😭😭😭
    my discord id is:

  • Panther

    Dear Discord,

    a few hours ago, I accidentally put the wrong date of my birthdate and I suddenly got a message that says : "your account will be deleted in 30 days"

    I don't want my account to be deleted because I have so many important files there, so please help me to verify my age. please contact me : @pxnthr.8377


  • fall guy2410

    hi there Discord Support

    help!, i think i accidentally putted my age and i remember those servers it was from the Fall Guys Discord Server and Stentric's Discord server which the part is that i accidentally revealed my age and got double banned! and i got banned from the Fall Squad back in october 2021! and in march 2022 wertor reported me! and those bad guys i don't know who they are reported me  can you please help me?, i need to get my account back! thank you!.

    (edit: shit! it got deleted! tag: Deleted User 55866297#6240)

    sincerly fall guy2410#6240 (this is my account) aka Deleted User 55866297#6240


  • fall guy2410

    is it going to work?

  • PatrickYT


    I have 17 years old and my discord account was disabled for under 13 my birth date is 21/07/2005

    Please reactive my account



  • Pauline t gabarra

    I am 32 I was born April 27 1989
    My discord is stellarossie
    And pls help me verify my age I have an id to prove I'm old

  • Stripymc420

    I have an old discord that's been created before discord got very secured with age. How come old discord account from people who created discord account from 2019 haven't experienced what I am struggling with? I no longer use my old discord account due to forgetting the password of it and the email I am using with it. It was logged in to my phone and I no longer have access to that phone because it was stolen. 


    Now I am having an issue joining back to a few server that's nsfw. It's good that discord us being strict to age to avoid such preditor activities, but I just really refuse having my ID, information, and face. Wish there's other way around it. 

  • BlueSky

    hi Discord Support!
    I don't know if its going to work but please verify my age. I have already sent many emails with photos, but problems occured that I think they were ignored. The status of request is “solved” but actually nobody responded back and account is still blocked…I am 20, and the account is: BlueSky#1652
    Please help..


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