Color code categories


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  • RonsCrotchFruit

    I second that! Discord agrees too, they tweeted a reply to this tweet:

  • Xandir

    Awesome! Let's work on getting some upvotes so we can make this happen!

  • PhoenixAstra

    Pleaasse! I need this, It's so hard to find different sections ;w;!

  • TEX-9568

    Yes please

  • Rick of the Wild

    I'd like being able to colour categories similar to how you can colour server folders, a coloured background behind the category and channel names.

    I'd use it to colour code what categories/channels should be accessible to what roles, for example. 

    And I can also see it be useful to spot a category more easily while scrolling, in servers that have a lot of them.

  • Koree

    I'm adding my vote for this. PLEASE implement this feature! Channel/category organization is pretty good but it's really hard on the eyes when a server has a ton of channels and everything is the same light gray or white on dark gray or white.

  • Moss

    Adding my vote as well. I'm in a lot of servers with many, many categories. It can be really difficult to see the categories/channels that I'm trying to get to. Being able to color code them would be so nice and save on frustration.

  • Gravitymusichub

    YESS Please add this I have too many categories and people are getting overwhelmed

  • Hurricane

    This would be so awesome. I see many servers relying on emojis to color code (or symbol code) categories, but it just looks messy and unclear most of the times. The possibility to just change the font color of categories would be a huge help in organizing servers with a bunch of categories!

  • Xander

    There is still interest for this especially since some channels/categories are hidden and it would be easier for people to know what is public and what is not


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