Don't Remove Server Screen Share


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  • Celeron
    Discord is investigating the possibility of enabling sharing your entire screen with Go Live.
  • Diberian

    Please don't remove the Screen Sharing its really good for doing jobs, university homework or explaining things. Very useful

  • maral04

    We also use it for development, my MAC user friend can still share screen with desktop app whilst I with Windows can't anymore.. it was really useful to quick share any bug/problem. Web screensharing still works. 
    Please don't remove desktop screensharing feature, thanks!

  • Typhii

    I was lucky that I had a server where I was able to use screenshare and used it multiple times. we use it for D&D and were able to showing images and combatmaps to the players. however, the option dissapeared and we were forced to move to a private channel in order to share our screen.


    It would be nice if we could get the screen share option back because alot of people were using it and liked the option.

  • Gadolinium

    Even for solely the fact that you can see multiple screens at once, this feature needs to come back for servers. Only seeing one Go Live stream at once is a major limitation.

  • Ledeste

    I was really close to get a nitro pack for the team... but... this feature juste disappear -_- that's really annoying, we was really looking forward to this...

  • Yakri

    Yeah I'm thinking about cancelling my nitro membership so that I can get back access to one of the best features of discord, since nitro is purely inferior in this way.


    That they are thinking of transitioning everyone to this new lower level of functionality is just terrible, although it's kind of worse that I'm paying for the privilege of not being able to share my screen to friends.

  • Bron 🇦🇺 [bronfoth]

    I don't have nitro and I don't have screen share on my channel anymore. So don't expect to get it back if you cancel nitro.

  • K Ham

    My company heavily uses discords channel screenshare for work. Go live restricts screenshare to only one person which is very inefficitent. We do not want to use the call feature as the ease of dropping in or out of a channel is very convenient and calling people who aren't currently present in a group chat is annoying. PLEASE bring back channel screensharing

  • Portaluke

    I too am incredibly frustrated by this change. Over the period of time I had to experiment between the two versions (being go live and screen share) I've found that go live is inferior to screen share, from overall quality to the the ui that it came with. I WANT OPTIONS to say the least. But I of all people will likely be ignored, and there's nothing I can truly do. I used the work arounds while they existed, now that they don't I'm speaking up. I'm so frustrated, from their ui changes and now this... but I can't do anything. I'm useless. I have nowhere else to turn to either... so please... discord staff. please hear me out and stop limiting my options. cause the only other option I have . . . is to give up entirely.

  • Bron 🇦🇺 [bronfoth]

    I really would love screenshare back for one channel.
    It was a simple strategy that worked for the people using the server. We miss it a lot. Anything else takes me more than an hour of fiddling with settings on my end and the other users' then then time we had set aside to research is gone.


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