Feedback Regarding the "Improved" Light Theme


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  • Burkino

    I've seen lots of light theme users complain about the side bar being changed due to "it brought balance, you were easily orientated, you could easily see which channels had unread messages"

    And Dark theme users were also kinda affected by the update, the changing of font size and weight and changing the icons just made it not nice to look at.

    This whole update just doesn't seem planned well enough at all, I've seen very few people (granted there are a few) say it's better than what they had. 

  • Jacob

    Took them long enough, but it seems like it's actually getting an implementation. 🎉

  • bn880

    Great, I wonder if the font options will allow getting the old font contrast as well.  Size is adjustable already.

  • Hans

    Would love to be able to change the sidebar separately form the chat section. Would be fun to use a white sidebar on a dark chat. XD

  • bn880

    Seems they don't give a rats behind about it.  But a designer made a whole article about how awesome of a job they did to redesign it, no doubt promoted by now.   I've seen many of the feedback threads get deleted on this.


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