Please allow verified giveaway bots to offer server requirement functionality again.

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    Rabbit Tank

    Requiring users to join a specific server to qualify for a giveaway is typically used as an advertising or spam technique, which is why we've prevented verified bots from offering this functionality. Facilitating advertising, including server advertising, using the Discord API is prohibited under the Discord Developer Policy. You can learn more here:

    And if you'd like to more about our stance on join 4 join, invite rewards, and other server advertising techniques, please see the spam section of our Safety Center here:

  • theleader

    I suggest waiting or contacting Discord about that; this thread is for a different topic.

  • sup3r

    I completely agree, when this was put out it severely affected my server! Discord by doing this is reducing how much money they can make. There's hundreds of nitro based giveaway servers that use this bot functionality and its the reason why they are able to operate, taking the functionality away from bots reduces the amount of these servers which reduces Discords amount of income. If they want to throw missiles at the bank, then so be it!

  • theleader

    I think they have provided an update since I made this post, so it will most likely never be allowed again.

  • sup3r

    Can you send a link?

  • KnismesisXD

    I don't think they will allow it again..

  • Grif

    I 100% agree with Discord. I find Giveaways with server requirements annoying and desperate. If your server has been largly effected by this, then maybe you should consider changing the way your server works and grows. At the end of the day, it is like paying someone to join your server. On top of that your server will be inactive after the giveaway ends, and is going to experience a large wave of members leaving.

  • aykrivwassup

    Whatever advertising there was before hasn't stopped. I reminded a DM from a VERIFIED "Giveaway Manager" bot (full tag: Giveaway Manager#2031) saying that I won a giveaway for 14 free Boosts and that all I had to do was invite it to my server. So I did, and after that, I got the same DM again, then got the following DM later:

    Hey @aykrivwassup, you have won **$10 Nitro** hosted in **E-Girls**

    Please join and message **[USERNAME REDACTED]** to claim your reward!

    I've censored the message for privacy's sake but aside from that that's what it said. I thought it was harmless and even joined the server, though I procrastinated on the DM. However, my server's other members eventually started getting these DMs too. So I kicked it from my own server.

    tl;dr: this isn't a solution; others have found a way around your intentions


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